TACLANE-C175N CHVP Encryptor

High Assurance Security and Interoperability with Non-CCI Handling – COMING SOON!

The new TACLANE-C175N CHVP Encryptor is bridging the need for High Assurance Type 1 certified security and interoperability with COTS Handling and End User Devices.

The TACLANE-C175N has been submitted for Certification!

A new alternative to traditional Type 1 CCI products and layered CSfC solutions, the C175N CHVP encryptor provides HAIPE-compliant security in a single device with less stringent, non-CCI handling. In addition to the security and handling, the small form factor and mission focused features make the C175N ideal for mobile and high risk environments.

To learn more about the differences between Type 1 products and layered CSfC solutions, click here. To learn more about CHVP encryptors, visit the CHVP resource page

Ideal Applications

Remote/Telework and Executive Communications

Leave Behind


Joint and Coalition Missions

Non-National Security Systems


Webinar: The Benefits of CHVP - Extending Use for High Assurance Security

October 27, 2021  |  1PM EDT

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It is commonly assumed that high assurance Type 1 and Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) are interchangeable from a capability and requirement satisfaction perspective, but in fact there are many differences that affect their operational security, utility, lifecycle logistics and maintenance costs that you should consider when choosing a security solution.





  • Bridges NSA certified security with COTS handling
  • Supports asymmetric traffic flows of 200 Mb/s aggregate throughput
  • Designed to protect information classified Secret and Below
  • HAIPE and commercial IPSEC interoperable
  • Small size (1.2”H x 3.5”W x 2.25”D)
  • Low power (5 Watts typical)
  • Hot swappable/redundant power from USB or Power over Ethernet (POE)
  • Render Useless Zeroize (RUZ) feature for unattended operations
  • MIL-STD-810G ruggedized / MIL-STD-461F EMI complaint
  • Crypto Modernization compliant
  • For high risk, hostile environments
    • Telework, Unattended, leave behind and non-national security system (NSS) applications
  • Supported by GEM One Remote Encryptor Manager  

TACLANE-C175N Datasheet

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1.2"H x 3.5"W x 2.25"D

4 across, 1U

19” rack mountable

Weight: <8 oz


5 Watts (Typical)

Battery: Coin-cell battery (CR2450N)

MIL-STD 461F compliant USB power supply

Performance Supports Asymmetric traffic flow of 200 Mb/s aggregate throughput 

MIL-STD-810G compliant

Operating Temp: -40° to +60°C

Storage Temp: -40° to +85°C

Humidity:  95% RH, Non-condensing

Operational Altitude: 1,500 ft below sea level to 50,000 ft above sea level

Storage/transit Altitude: 1,500 ft below sea level to 70,000 ft above sea level

Shock/Vibration: 40g shock, 11ms Transportation Vibration, General Vibration, Category 4

Sand: 40 mph winds

Dust: 20 mph winds

Rain: Drip, Flow Rate 280 liters/meter2/hour

Drop Test: 48” High Drop

EMI/TEMPEST: In accordance with NSTISSAM TEMPEST/1-92 Level 1

Standards Compliance

HAIPE v4.2.5





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On-Demand Webinars Available

  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT SECURITY SOLUTION: Evaluate the differences between high assurance Type 1 and Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) encryption solutions to determine which method is best for securing your classified information.
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Which TACLANE Is Right For Your Mission?

Certified to protect information classified Top Secret/SCI and below, the TACLANE portfolio extends from ruggedized, small form factor Inline Network Encryptors (INE) to high performance encryption platforms (200 Mb/s to 20 Gb/s aggregate throughput). Compare our TACLANE network encryptors and see which one is best for your mission.

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