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The Supply Chain Management organization supports General Dynamics Mission Systems (GDMS), GD SATCOM Technologies, Inc., and GD Global Imaging Technologies, Inc.


Environmental, Health & Safety

General Dynamics Mission Systems is an ISO 14000/OHSAS 18000 certified company and as such it is the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) policy to protect employees, customers and the community. Learn more


Cybersecurity For Our Suppliers

General Dynamics Mission Systems is committed to a proactive and compliant cybersecurity approach to safeguarding our networks, information, and systems. Learn more


Workmanship Standards

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies Workmanship Requirements (Kilgore, TX location)



GD Mission Systems (GDMS) will pay tariff costs that are invoiced to GDMS only if tariff cost estimates are provided at the time of  quote or a separate written notification has been provided by the supplier to the GDMS Buyer stating tariff costs will be flowed through by the supplier before a purchase order (PO) is issued. Tariff costs must comply with Duty-Free Entry clauses (FAR 52.225-8 or DFARS 252.225-7013) contained in the PO.  Invoiced tariff costs shall not include any price markups, including Overhead, G&A or Profit. 


In order for GDMS to pay any tariff costs associated with our POs, we must be able to validate that the tariffs were incurred on product that was shipped to you to fulfil a GDMS PO.  If you cannot include the tariff costs in your unit price, you must invoice us as a separate line item or separate invoice


In order for the invoice to be paid, it must reflect the PO number and be broken down by PO line number.  If the part number invoiced, does not match the part number on the PO line referenced on the invoice, you must include the part number that incurred the tariff and the quantity.  We need to charge the tariff back to the same account string that incurred the cost. We occasionally receive invoices with no reference to PO numbers and/or line numbers. This is delaying payment to suppliers for these costs.  If the invoice does not contain the information required, it will be rejected and returned.


A copy of your supplier’s commercial invoice and CF7501 (Entry Summary), or equivalent, redacted as appropriate,  must be provided with your invoice to support the tariff costs.  If a sub tier is the actual importer of record, please obtain this supporting documentation from your sub tier supplier and submit it with your invoice.  GDMS reserves the right to request further documentation for the transactions to support how the tariff costs were determined and invoiced. 


Quality Information


Quality Codes

Quality Codes are used to communicate specific quality and contract requirements to our vendors.


General Dynamics Mission Systems Routing Guide - Domestic and International


Terms & Conditions and Government Contract Provisions

General provisions for all GDMS

Covers GDIT purchase orders issued prior to 8/12/19 (except GDIT Wireless Services and GDIT Department of State program).


Additional General Provisions for GDIT (PO's prior to 8/12/19)




The Innovation Sourcing Network is General Dynamics Mission Systems’ open supplier innovation ecosystem, promoting small business identification and participation, discovery of emerging technologies and solutions, to forge partnerships that are discriminators to advancing our customers’ missions. Innovation Sourcing Network connects people, process and technologies to deliver innovative sourcing solutions.

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