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General Dynamics Mission Payloads - Information from Space to the Warfighter

Nov, 17 2017
Our relationship with space has changed dramatically since the first words were heard from the Moon in 1969. Space above Earth is now a complex array of more than 2,200 satellites, not including space debris made up of spent rocket boosters, dead satellites and a wrench or two from space walks and repairs. And, more satellites, large and small, are launching all the time.

CAC2S: Improved Command and Control for Marine Corps Air-Ground Task Forces

Nov, 17 2017
Technological innovations are redefining what’s possible on the battlefield. For the Marine Corps, advancements in communications technology allow for better coordination between air and ground units, and for Marine aviators to receive more information than ever before—all in real time.

Radio & Broadband News - November 2017

Nov, 14 2017
General Dynamics Mission Systems’ URC-200 Line-of-Sight radios were recently deployed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to aid in relief efforts in St. Thomas following hurricane Irma. The radios were part of the FAA’s mobile Air Traffic Control (ATC) towers and provided critical ground-to-air radio communications for relief planes at St. Thomas airport.

General Dynamics' Fortress eNodeB Now FCC Certified and Ready to Deploy

Oct, 30 2017
The eNodeB (RN2404-2), recently certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is the latest addition to General Dynamics' Fortress LTE product family, which provides “always on” high speed network access to vital information, including voice, video, data, text and chat.

General Dynamics Knifefish Unmanned Undersea Vehicle Successfully Completes Contractor Trials

Oct, 26 2017
The General Dynamics Mission Systems' Knifefish team successfully completed contractor trials for the U.S. Navy's Knifefish program, a mine countermeasure unmanned undersea vehicle.

Radio & Broadband News - October 2017

Oct, 09 2017
General Dynamics Mission Systems is pleased to announce that Comprehensive Communication Services (CCS) of Terrell, Texas has entered into a Domestic Reseller Agreement for select Mission Systems’ Fortress® Wireless and SATCOM products throughout the United States.

General Dynamics Mission Systems Introduces Fortress Wireless Gateway Product

Oct, 06 2017
FAIRFAX, Va. – General Dynamics Mission Systems introduces the new Fortress® Wireless Gateway, allowing users to connect quickly and securely to a wireless network to enhance and extend wireless network coverage.

General Dynamics at AUSA 2017: Meeting the U.S. Army’s Needs Through Innovation

Oct, 03 2017
At the AUSA 2017 Annual Meeting & Exposition, General Dynamics is showcasing its investments in the next technologies, capabilities and platforms built to support the U.S. Army and U.S. allies across all domains. General Dynamics is focused on partnering with the Army to develop innovative solutions that ensure readiness for the future.

Last Call: General Dynamics Radio Sends Final Message from Cassini Spacecraft to Earth

Sep, 14 2017
In 1997, engineers at General Dynamics designed and built a transponder, or radio, that would travel aboard the Cassini spacecraft, the nation’s first full-scale mission to explore Saturn. After reaching Saturn, the Cassini mission was to last only four years. Almost twenty years after launch, the spacecraft crashed into Saturn’s gaseous surface after sending millions of images, and textbooks worth of scientific data to Earth, helping reveal the secrets of Saturn’s rings and moons.

General Dynamics to Show Innovative Solutions for U.S. Marine Corps at Modern Day Marine 2017

Sep, 13 2017
General Dynamics will show how its extensive portfolio advances the U.S. Marine Corps’ mission to defend the nation. Hands-on demonstrations at the show will highlight how the company leads the way in supporting the Marines doing the hardest jobs in the most difficult environments in the world.

Radio & Broadband News - September 2017

Sep, 13 2017
The Fortress eNodeB (RN2404-2) has been certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The certification enables the 2404 to operate in band 4, 7, 12/17 and 14 on commercial and private wireless networks in the U.S.
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