Bluefin Robotics Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Bluefin SandShark AUV Launched Into The Charles River Cropped

Proven Unmanned & Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (UUV / AUV)

Our family of Bluefin Robotics products consists of Unmanned and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (UUV / AUV) and related technologies for defense, commercial and scientific customers worldwide. We offer a full range of modular, free-flooded UUV and AUV platforms and products, including more than 70 different sensors on over 100 vehicles. The blue ducted thruster may be our most recognizable feature representing our long history of proven performance.

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Bluefin AUV Applications Uses

Unmanned & Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Bluefin SandShark

Low-cost and data driven, our latest 4.8 inch diameter AUV dives to 600 feet and multiple vehicles can work in parallel for large area, underwater missions.

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Bluefin-21 Custom Solutions

Bluefin Robotics Custom Solutions & Services

We offer numerous base UUV and AUV designs and batteries that can be customized for your mission and program requirements.

Engineering Services: Our engineers are experienced in investigating and offering solutions for newly identified unmanned underwater missions and applications. Our capabilities span the traditional engineering discipline and extend to prototype, design, testing and fielding.

Marine Operations Services: Our team has decades of collective experience in fielding, deploying and operating AUVs worldwide for a wide array of commercial, scientific, and defense customers.

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