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Bluefin at ICEX 2016
Navy - Bluefin UUV Lowered into Icy Water at ICEX 2016
Underwater Vehicles Bluefin SandShark

Collecting Data From The Ocean Floor While Keeping Humans Out Of Harm's Way

Although 71 percent of the earth is covered by water, much of the area beneath the surface is still essentially uncharted. Our Unmanned and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (UUV / AUV) are designed to survey the ocean and conduct a variety of missions including mine-hunting, intelligence gathering, scientific exploration, and ship hull inspection - all without putting humans any further into harm's way.

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Vehicles Designed For The Future Undersea Battlespace

The world of undersea warfare is changing. The United States and allies need to fight and win in contested environments. Watch how our Unmanned & Autonomous Underwater Vehicles can collect and relay intelligence data back to submarine crews operating in safer waters.

Bluefin Robotics Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Our Bluefin Robotics UUVs and AUVs are designed for defense, commercial and scientific customers worldwide. These underwater vehicles can dive up to 14,000 feet below the ocean's surface while collecting data from the sea floor.

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Bluefin Knifefish Cutout

Knifefish — A U.S. Navy Mine-Hunting UUV

Knifefish is an Unmanned Undersea Vehicle designed for deployment off the U.S. Navy's Littoral Combat Ships. It will be used to locate and identify underwater mines, protecting ships and sailors by operating as an off-board sensor while the host ship stays outside the minefield.

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