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General Dynamics' Command & Control systems enable commanders and warfighters alike to securely collaborate on a common operating picture. These systems provide a real-time visualization of the battlefield, empowering commanders to make effective decisions and warfighters to complete their missions.

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Common Aviation Command & Control System

Common Aviation Command & Control System (CAC2S) provides Marine Corps operators with a consolidated picture of events taking place on the battlefield in real time at sea, in the air and on land. The system brings together data from expeditionary radars, weapon systems, unmanned aerial vehicles and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance resources to provide a common operational picture for Marine Air-Ground Task Force commanders and their staffs.


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GeoSuite® is a web-based, multimedia system that provides advanced situational awareness and information sharing for military and public safety personnel, including law enforcement, search and rescue workers and first responders. Users collect, report and share real-time information for enhanced decision-making and effective response.


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Tactical Airspace Integration System TAIS Graphic

Tactical Airspace Integration System

Tactical Airspace Integration System (TAIS) is a mobile, airspace management system providing combined air-ground operational environment management based on joint service and information system inputs. TAIS provides situational awareness of friendly and enemy air activity and is interoperable with joint, coalition, and civil aviation forces. It is currently employed by the United States Army in every theater of operation.


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Secure Data Fabric

Secure Data Fabric integrates General Dynamics’ proven tactical data management and MLS Enterprise Cyber Security products and experience, creating a unified data environment for the formation’s echelons regardless of the source and security level of the data. Secure Data Fabric is a field-tested information service that allows units on the edge of the network to request, publish, and subscribe to information in a tactical network environment.

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General Dynamics OTS XM1113-LRPGK

Smart Munitions

Precision Guided Munitions have become an essential dimension in warfare. Our Guidance Electronics Unit (GEU) provides an integrated hardware and software solution designed to deliver a reliable ‘Compute and Control’ platform for data fusion and algorithm implementation. The GEU is a customizable solution designed for the technology of tomorrow’s warfighter.


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