Command & Control Systems

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Marine Using GeoSuite in LAV
General Dynamics OTS XM1113-LRPGK

Mission Command.
Mission Accomplished.

When threats appear on land, in the air or at sea, our multi-domain Command & Control systems enable warfighters to share information, visualize the battlefield and engage targets.

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We have decades of experience integrating Command & Control (C2) systems for the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force.

Tactical Airspace Integration System TAIS Graphic

Tactical Airspace Integration System (TAIS)

The TAIS is a mobile, airspace management system that provides situational awareness of friendly and enemy air activity. It is currently employed by the U.S. Army in every theater of operation.

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Sentinel: The Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD)

As a member of Northrop Grumman’s team for the U.S. Air Force’s Sentinel Program, we support critical elements of the command and launch systems.

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Software Solutions

We develop software solutions that enable warfighters to view a common operating picture of the battlefield, share data across domains and make effective decisions.

General Dynamics IMPACT Integrated Mission Planning Airspace Control Tools

Integrated Mission Planning & Airspace Control Tools (IMPACT)

The IMPACT software suite converges the mission planning capabilities of the Aviation Mission Planning Systems (AMPS) with the airspace control capabilities of TAIS.

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GeoSuite® is a web-based software that provides advanced situational awareness and information sharing for military and public safety personnel, including law enforcement, search and rescue workers and first responders.

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Anthos Diagram

Google Anthos for the Tactical Edge

In collaboration with Google Public Sector, General Dynamics has adapted Google’s existing Anthos platform to solve enterprise and tactical edge networking challenges faced by the Department of Defense (DoD).

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Hardware Systems

We manufacture hardware systems that integrate multi-domain information in real-time and 'Compute and Control’ platforms for precision guided munitions.

General Dynamics OTS XM1113-LRPGK

Guidance Electronics Unit (GEU) for Smart Munitions

Our GEU is designed to deliver a reliable ‘Compute and Control’ platform for data fusion and algorithm implementation. 

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Small Form Factor C2 Node at Modern Day Marine

Small Form Factor Command & Control Node (SFF C2)

Based on our successful legacy of CAC2S, the SFF C2 Node enables Marines to share a consolidated picture of their air and ground forces.

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