TACLANE Universal Rack Mount Shelf Kit

An Upgrade to the Traditional 19-Inch Rack

Specifically designed for use with TACLANE®, ProtecD@R® and TACDS® solutions

General Dynamics Mission Systems introduces the new TACLANE Universal Rack Mount Shelf Kit. Easily installed in a standard rack in any IT closet, this rack mount shelf includes adjustable ears for full extension of up to 24-30 inches and includes hardware to securely hard-mount a combination of TACLANE encryption devices and power supplies. The rack mount shelf kit accommodates options for Quick Disconnect Accessory Trays in various sizes to support the easy and quick removal of encryption devices and power supplies to and from the tray, with a Locking Mechanism Feature for an added layer of security for mounted devices. The TACLANE Universal Rack Mount Shelf Kit is a TACLANE Approved Product and has been specifically designed, tested, and validated by General Dynamics for use with TACLANE devices as well as the ProtecD@R Multi-Platform (KG-204) encryptor and TACDS Tactical Cross Domain Solutions.


See it In Action

Nano Adapter GIF


  • 1.5U Shelf Kit
  • Adjustable Ears; Adapts to 24”-30” Depths
  • Specially designed for TACLANE, ProtecD@R and TACDS product lines
  • Holes for hard mounting devices and power supplies
  • Multiple slots for cable management systems
  • Sturdy Design prevents bowing
  • Includes INE mounting hardware
  • Optional Quick Disconnects for devices and power supplies



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Technical Specifications

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1.5U (EIA Standard)

2.59” H x 19” W x 18.80”


TACLANE Universal Rack Mount Shelf Kit – 12 lbs

Large Quick Disconnect Accessory – 2.4 lbs

Medium Quick Disconnect Accessory – 1.8 lbs

Small Quick Disconnect Accessory - .5 lbs

Power Supply Quick Disconnect Accessory - .8 lbs


Designed to MIL-STD-810G; 901D

Optional Accessories

The TACLANE Universal Rack Shelf accommodates a combination any (2) of the Large, Medium or Small Quick Disconnects plus (2) Power Supply Quick Disconnects.

  • TACLANE Universal Rack Mount Shelf – Large Quick Disconnect Accessory
    • Supports (1) TACLANE-ES10 or TACLANE-1G encryptors per tray
  • TACLANE Universal Rack Mount Shelf – Medium Quick Disconnect Accessory
    • (1) TACLANE-FLEX/Micro/C100 encryptors, (1) ProtecD@R Multi-Platform (KG-204) or (1) TACDS-LP devices per tray
  • TACLANE Universal Rack Mount Shelf – Small Quick Disconnect Accessory
    • (2) TACLANE-Nano or TACLANE-C175N encryptors per tray
  • TACLANE Universal Rack Mount Shelf – Power Supply Quick Disconnect Accessory
    • Each Power Supply Quick Disconnects supports any of these products: TACLANE-ES10/1G/FLEX/Micro/C100/Nano/C175N, ProtecD@R Multi-Platform (KG-204) and TACDS-LP

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