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For the soldier making a call from the mountains, the first responder receiving data in the aftermath of a disaster, the boater in distress sending his location to the Coast Guard and the astronaut orbiting the earth receiving a message from mission control, the ability to communicate is crucial. Across vast distances, through dangerous terrain and in any domain, we provide secure voice and data communications when the mission depends on it.

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Pilot using General Dynamics HOOK3 Combat Survival Radio


Every day around the globe, our radios ensure planes land safely, isolated personnel are found, soldiers communicate securely and first responders have the communications they need to go where no one else can.

Spaceborne Communications MAVEN

Spaceborne Communications

Our spaceborne communications products enable spacecraft to transmit scientific data from the surface of a distant planet, receive GPS signals to precisely locate itself in space and maintain the critical link that allows astronauts to talk to mission control.

SATCOM On-The-Move Antennas

Our SATCOM On-the-Move antennas provide secure, beyond-line-of-sight communications for wheeled and tracked vehicles, high speed boats, aircraft and UAVs.

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Introducing the Shadowcat™ Radio – Resilient Communications for Contested Environments

The new Shadowcat radio is a modern, affordable, resilient radio for squad level communications in contested environments. The radio’s advanced RF technology minimizes the susceptibility to jamming and interference of the radio’s transmission by adversaries. As additional Shadowcats are added to the network, they work together offering the resilience of distributed cooperative beamforming that increases the effective signal power, increases communication range, and provides directional diversity to overcome physical obstructions, e.g. foliage, buildings, and jamming. This provides highly robust and resilient communication for contested environments.


Disruptive Radio Technologies

In today’s modern battlefield, the U.S. military needs to maintain networked communications in and under contested and congested electromagnetic spectrum environments. They need non-traditional waveforms and technologies that are less detectable and susceptible to interference and jamming attempts of the radio’s transmission by adversaries. To respond to these needs, our experts build new radios and waveforms and quickly get them into the hands of soldiers.

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