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To request more information about our new TACLANE E-Series, TACLANE-C175N, ProtecD@R KG-204, ProtecD@R KG-411 and custom encryption solutions, please fill out the form below.

TACLANE Products

The first encryptor designed to and compliant with the latest Ethernet Data Encryption (EDE) specifications.

The new TACLANE Adaptable Security Platform and TACLANE-ES100 Crypto Module is bringing scalable, high speed encryption in a modular design to the enterprise supporting 20-400 Gb/s aggregate throughput.

The new TACLANE-C175N CHVP encryptor is bridging the need for High Assurance Type 1 certified security and interoperability with COTS Handling and End User Devices.

Data at Rest Products

High speed classified data protection for unattended systems.

Embedded 3U VPX form factor for seamless high assurance encryption.

As mission requirements vary, so will your Data at Rest encryption needs. At General Dynamics, we have experience developing custom DAR solutions to meet the critical mission needs of our customers.

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