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Introducing Our New URC-300® Line-of-Sight Transceiver

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Maximized RF Performance - Significantly Improved Communications

General Dynamics new URC-300 transceiver significantly improves ground-to-air communications on a versatile, software-defined platform. These multi-band, multi-mode radios offer flexibility to operate in VHF and UHF spectrum and have a software-based architecture that enables field-upgradeable, customizable future enhancements.

General Dynamics URC-300 Transceiver

URC-300 Line-of-Sight Transceiver

Our new URC-300® line-of-sight transceiver is smaller and lighter than the URC-200 with significantly improved RF performance. The URC-300 is 25kHz and 8.33kHz ETSI Compliant to provide clearer communications in congested environments and was recently selected by the FAA for their emergency air traffic control communications.

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General Dynamics to Provide FAA with Emergency Backup Radios

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has chosen General Dynamics to provide URC-300E® transceivers for their Emergency Transceiver Replacement (ETR) program. The radio will provide Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) operation for air traffic control communications in the event of a catastrophic failure.


Line of Sight Radios

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