Sectéra Secure Voice Encryption

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Secure End-to-End Communications from the Desktop to the Frontlines

Sectéra Secure Voice

Deployed worldwide from the enterprise to the front lines, Sectéra® secure communication devices provide Confidence in Your Digital World™. Type 1 certified with the latest in crypto modernization capability, Sectéra products ensure SCIP interoperable, end-to-end secure voice and data communication solutions for legacy and modern infrastructures (Analog/PSTN, VoIP, SATCOM). 

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Sectera Approved Products List


The Sectéra Approved Products List (APL) includes all ancillary products that have been developed, tested, and validated by General Dynamics Mission Systems for use with Sectéra Secure Voice devices. By using approved ancillary equipment, it reduces risks associated with interoperability, redundancy, environmental factors and even warranty coverage. Download the APL for a complete list of tested and approved ancillary items available for purchase!

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Sectéra vIPer Universal Secure Phone

Supported by GEM® One Encryptor Manager

The Sectéra vIPer™ Universal Secure Phone allows you to easily switch between making end-to-end secure and non-secure calls on Voice over IP and analog networks, eliminating the need for multiple desktop phones. The vIPer is the only VoIP phone certified to protect information classified Top Secret/SCI and below over commercial wired networks.

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Iridium Security Module 2 ISM2

Sectéra ISM2

The Sectéra Iridium® Security Module 2 (ISM2) is a sleek, small form factor encryption module that provides NSA Certified protection of classified voice and data communications.  The module is covert – it fits completely inside the Iridium 9575A handset and provides end-to-end security for information classified Top Secret and below.  The module provides interoperability with other Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) devices like the Sectera® vIPer™ Phone.

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Sectéra BDI Terminal

Sectéra BDI Terminal

The Sectéra Wireline Terminal connects to commercial phone, fax or PC and provides SCIP-interoperable end to end secure voice and data communications.  

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Sectéra Cube

The multi-access device for the Sectéra vIPer Universal Secure Phone provides access to three total handsets, or a combination of handsets and headsets, to be connected to a single vIPer Phone for clear and secure communications – ideal for teleconferencing!

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Sectéra Wireless GSM Phone: Learn About Alternatives or To Receive Support

The Sectéra Wireless GSM Phone provides SCIP-interoperable end to end secure voice communications over commercial GSM wireless networks.

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Encryptor Management

The GEM One Enterprise Encryptor Management software enables users to centrally manage and monitor their network of TACLANE and Sectéra vIPer devices remotely, from anywhere in the network.

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