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Strategic Systems D5 Trident Launch
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Technology Designed With The Sailor In Mind 

The world's most powerful military depends on mission-critical technology from General Dynamics. We specialize in electronic systems integration as well as the design, development and support of command, control, communications and computing solutions for the Navy.

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Shipboard Electronic Integration

Our technology serves as the backbone for the entire electronic systems on board the U.S. Navy's Independence-Variant Littoral Combat Ship and the Expeditionary Fast Transport. Each maneuver performed by these next-generation ships, from steering through shallow waters to firing the guns, is controlled by our integrated network.

About The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)

About The Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF)

USS Helena Submarine SSN 725

Submarine Combat Systems

As a submarine crew navigates through the depths of the ocean, they cannot see what is going on around them, creating the need for an accurate picture of their undersea environment and any potential threats. Our Tactical Control Systems enable sailors to visualize their surroundings by integrating sensor data from sonar, radar, navigation, periscopes, and communication systems and relaying the information as an interactive visual to the sailor. When a submarine crew identifies a threat, our combat systems which control and launch the submarine’s weapons enable them to respond with accuracy every time.

Progeny Systems

Progeny Systems is a General Dynamics Mission Systems business area. Progeny Systems capabilities include specialized software and hardware solutions for acoustics, cybersecurity, weapon launch and control systems, surveillance, and complex multi-tiered architectures for the Department of Defense (DOD) and other organizations.

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Strategic Systems D5 Trident Launch

Strategic Weapon Deterrence

We have designed, produced, installed and sustained every version of the Weapon Control System (Fire Control) for Polaris, Poseidon, Trident I and Trident II Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM). Additionally, we have been part of the team developing, testing, producing, deploying and sustaining the guidance systems for each of these missions.

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MainTAIN: Enterprise Asset Management for Navy Maintenance

As a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product, MainTAIN is configurable to be used in various maintenance environments. It is scalable to accommodate all ship platforms and provide asset management and planning services to the Navy. MainTAIN aligns with the Navy’s Model Based Product Support (MBPS) plan.

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Dynamic Assist

Dynamic ASSIST passively receives under-utilized data from sources such as the Navigation Radar, AIS, JREAP, and Link 16, and consolidates all the tracks into a single real-time common operational picture. Dynamic ASSIST provides improved situational awareness by adding a display that allows the operator to see tracks from multiple sources at a single interface.

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Dynamic Vision

Dynamic Vision provides watch standers a single point of control and display using the platform’s existing cameras. When combined with Dynamic ASSIST, Dynamic Vision integrates new cameras and sources of track data to provide a correlated 360-degree camera coverage for navigation and visual assistance in high threat or congested areas.

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