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ProtecD@R – High Assurance Type 1 Data at Rest Encryption

At General Dynamics, we are the market leaders of High Assurance Type 1 Data at Rest (DAR) encryption. Made to go with the mission and designed with the latest crypto modernization technology, our family of ProtecD@R® encryption solutions are NSA certified to protect our Nation's most sensitive DAR.

Available today or custom developed to meet your unique mission needs, ProtecD@R is Data at Rest protection you can count on.

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What is High Assurance Data at Rest Encryption?

Critical data is generated from and stored everywhere. When not in use, that critical data is stored physically on media drives. High Assurance encryption has been, and continues to be, the best way to safeguard classified information and meet federal cyber requirements for system deployment.

High Assurance Type 1 DAR encryption:

  • Provides NSA certified protection of data classified Top Secret/SCI and Below while on a storage media
  • Renders the data completely indecipherable without the encryption keys
  • Allows the media to be handled as unclassified via commercial transport

When it comes to ensuring mission success, classified data must be protected with the highest assurance.

What could an adversary do with your data?

Why ProtecD@R?

Designed for manned and unmanned operations in a variety of environments, the ProtecD@R solutions are Inline Media Encryptors (IME) that operate between your system’s core processor and storage media. Completely transparent to the end user, our products are high performance, standards compliant, and enable ease of handling and commercial transportation of encrypted storage media. The ProtecD@R portfolio can be employed to satisfy federal cyber and IA policies, strengthen cyber security posture and provide significant cost savings associated with equipment and lifecycle operations.

Capabilities Tailored to the Mission

As mission requirements vary, so will your Data at Rest encryption needs. At General Dynamics, we have experience developing custom DAR solutions to meet the critical mission needs of our customers. Developed for multi-platform and single-customer missions, the ProtecD@R portfolio of capabilities provide:

  • High assurance, high performance hardware encryption
  • Standards compliance, including current and emerging storage protocols (NVMe, SAS, SATA)
  • Variety in encryptor form factors (3U VPX, standalone, rack mounted)
  • Variety in media configurations (internal, external, removable)
  • Ease of handling and commercial transportation of classified data
  • NSA-approved encryption algorithms and multi-factor authentication
  • MIL-STD-810 ruggedization
  • Well-established key infrastructure for easy key management
  • Field reprogrammable technology to meet current and future crypto modernization requirements

Choose from our products available today or connect with us to discuss how we can custom develop the solution that’s right for you. 

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Data At Rest Policies Federal Compliance

Designed to Compliance

Federal DAR policy is changing. Understand your organization’s policy on DAR to assist with planning, reduce risk and avoid IA roadblocks on your system/platform. At General Dynamics, we want to help you stay compliant, that’s why we design our products to meet the latest compliance standards.

Find your organization’s DAR encryption policy

Addressing our Nation's Presidential actions on cyber security policy and compliance

Our Family of High Assurance Data at Rest Encryption Solutions

The ProtecD@R portfolio of NSA certified products offers both standard and customizable High Assurance Type 1 DAR encryption solutions. Browse what’s readily available today or talk with us about how we can develop your custom solution.

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ProtecDaR KG-204 Product Image

ProtecD@R Multi-Platform Encryptor (KG-204)

Top Secret and Below

Protect information on manned & unmanned surveillance platforms and other high risk locations

ProtecD@R Embedded Encryption Module (KG-411)

ProtecD@R Embedded Encryption Module (KG-411)

Top Secret and Below

Embedded 3U VPX form factor for seamless high assurance encryption

KG-540A Data At Rest Encryptor

ProtecD@R High Speed (KG-540A)

Top Secret and Below

High speed InfiniBand data at rest security for airborne applications

KG-540B Data at Rest Encryptor

ProtecD@R High Speed (KG-540B)

Top Secret and Below

High speed InfiniBand data at rest security for ground-based applications

Custom Data at Rest Encryption Solutions

Custom Developed Solution

Need a different storage protocol, form factor, or other unique requirement? We can build the DAR encryption solution tailored to your exact mission needs. 

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ProtecD@R Data at Rest Encryption Solutions

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Data at Rest Encryption

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