Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)

Sept 2023 USS Manchester

Whole Ship Electronic Integration For The Navy's Latest Warship Class

The core mission system of the U.S. Navy's Independence-variant Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is built on General Dynamics' computing infrastructure. Our computing technology controls everything from driving the ship to firing its guns, and it is designed to maximize automation, enabling sailors to focus on their missions.

Increasing Lethality & Survivability

To enhance the lethality of Independence-variant Littoral Combat Ships, General Dynamics engineers are integrating over-the-horizon Naval Strike Missile (NSM) systems onto all ships in this variant. The open-architecture design of the ship’s computing environment and electronic systems has made the design and integration of the NSM system efficient and effective.

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Littoral Combat Ship - LCS


Best-in-industry sensors collect multi-INT data from airborne, satellite, stationary ground and mobile ground platforms.

Littoral Combat Ship LCS


Processors are integrated with the sensors to turn raw data into information that can be analyzed for immediate use.


Data Storage

Data and processed information are transmitted into a secure cloud environment for greater availability from the field or mission center where it can be duplicated, exploited and analyzed.


Analysts in the mission center exploit processed and archived data to deliver intelligence to decision makers. Users in the field can also have remote access to exploitation tools available in the cloud to rapidly produce real-time actionable intelligence.

USS Manchester LCS 14 Sailors in Bridge

Data Protection

Network cyber defense ensures the security of mission sensitive data through 24/7 watch support, network situational awareness, alert management, incident response and defense-in-depth capabilities.

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Flexible & Versatile For Enhanced Joint Warfighting

Our technology provides an adaptable and highly capable command and control environment for a coordinated air, surface and undersea tactical picture. Our technology delivers greater useable space and higher mission module capacity, increasing on-station time and minimizing time to reconfigure for a new mission.

Littoral Combat Ship LCS

Readily Adaptable

The “any display, anywhere” capability enables a sailor to display any information on any monitor located throughout the ship and to smoothly adapt to rapidly evolving mission needs. Sailors are no longer limited to operating the ship from the bridge, allowing for efficient and mission-based crew allocation.

Modernized Underwater Mine Hunting

The LCS Mine Countermeasure (MCM) mission package is comprised of many different mine warfare platforms, including General Dynamics' Knifefish program. Knifefish is a heavyweight class MCM Unmanned Undersea Vehicle designed to detect, avoid and identify mine threats, reducing the risk to personnel by operating in the minefield while the host ship stays outside the minefield boundaries.

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