MainTAIN: Enterprise Asset Management for Navy Maintenance (EAM-4-3M)

Constant Mission Readiness

Our national security commands effective sustainment planning for constant mission readiness. To deliver on our commitment to make platforms smarter, we offer MainTAIN, a commercial enterprise asset management system that meets Navy maintenance requirements, designed with inputs from Government Programs of Record (PORs) for configuration management.

As a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product, MainTAIN is configurable to be used in various maintenance environments. It is scalable to accommodate all ship platforms and provide asset management and planning services to the Navy. MainTAIN aligns with the Navy’s Model Based Product Support (MBPS) plan.


As of 2023, MainTAIN is hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud, joining the multiple applications migrating to the cloud in the Navy’s Digital Transformation.

Targeted platform level maintenance to ensure operational availability and reliability

Training with classroom and over the shoulder training support

Asset Management introduces proven industry maintenance

Integrated government system of record data sources for complete maintenance history

Navy Program of Records (PORs) are already using MainTAIN to meet their critical needs