truMLS Open Platform Solution



truMLS® is an open platform solution that eliminates the need for multiple networks, applications, and endpoints at varying security and access levels. By streamlining multilevel information access into a singular access point, customers can increase assured information sharing, improve IT system efficiencies, and lower costs.

How Can We Meet Your MLS Needs?

The tools within the truMLS portfolio make it easier to apply and manage security protections across systems in environments ranging from headquarters to the tactical edge succeed. Click here to view the MLS ecosystem.

  • Trusted Computing Platform powered by PitBull®
  • Core + Management
  • Database Support
  • Virtualization
  • Storage
  • IT Automation
  • Content Management
  • Communications Hub
  • Data Labeler
  • High Assurance Controlled Interfaces

Achieve Confidence in Your Digital World™ utilizing truMLS architecture, design, integration and operations services designed specifically for IT service providers, prime integrators, and the U.S. Government.

TruMLS Open Platform Solution Features


  • Data retains classification in bi-directional transfers across security domains
  • Scalable for large numbers of classification levels, caveats & network interfaces
  • Multilevel data lake storage of labeled files
  • Access to remote desktop, storage and mounted drives of multilevel data
  • Applications operate on multilevel data while maintaining classification
  • Users at difference clearance levels and accesses operating in one system
  • As a service architecture for multilevel data and applications
  • Easy to reconfigure for data sources and caveats (multilevel operations)
  • Leverage Zero Trust Principles
  • Dynamic and Mandatory Access Control (MAC) of data, objects and resources
  • Secure operating system architected for multilevel certification & accreditation
  • Immutable data label option to enforce provenance of data source
  • Data in transit tagged with security classification label


Federal government and military Chief Information Officers and the technology professionals they oversee, like security officers, cyber leaders, and system administrators are ultimately responsible for the security of critical information for any agency.

CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICERS & SENIOR LEADERS save on total cost of ownership by eliminating system and network hardware.

SYSTEM ADMINS benefit from simplified administration, with a single network and hardware to manage, rather than multiple networks and systems.

END USERS increase productivity with the ability to more naturally develop, curate, collaborate, manage, and share information.

SECURITY & CYBER PROFESSIONALS benefit from a single unified security architecture on a single network, with a single set of system hardware.