SATCOM On-The-Move Antennas

GD SATCOM On-The-Move Antennas on WIN-T equipped vehicles

Secure, reliable satellite communications wherever the mission takes you

General Dynamics SATCOM On-the-Move® antennas provide secure, beyond-line-of-sight communications for U.S. and Coalition troops operating in remote locations. Designed for the rugged tactical environments, these antennas can be mounted on a fast moving vehicles, high speed boats, aircraft and UUVs. These antennas provide reliable X, Ku, or Ka Mil and commercial band satellite communications whenever and wherever the mission takes you.

SATCOM On-The-Move Antennas

Browse our line of SATCOM On-The-Move antennas for land, sea, and air applications.

Military Satellite Communications On-The-Move

Our SATCOM On-the-Move® antennas offer robust voice and data wideband satellite communications for vehicles in motion over rugged terrain. X, Ku and Ka-band modular, interchangeable payloads are available.