Our Mission

General Dynamics Our Mission Innovation

Reinventing The Bounds Of Innovation

Our customers move fast and their objectives change even faster, so our talented employees are constantly focused on engineering technology that enables Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guard, Airmen, Intelligence Analysts and First Responders to focus on what matters most … the mission.

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Our Vision & Mission


Our Vision

Reinvent the bounds of innovation to advance our customers’ missions.

Our Mission

Discover new ways to rapidly deliver a full spectrum of mission critical solutions by partnering with our customers, teammates, suppliers and communities.
Chris Brady Presents General Dynamics Ethos

Our Ethos

General Dynamics’ ethos is our distinguishing moral nature. It informs everything we do.

Our employees are a community of people dedicated to this ethos.

Each of us has an obligation to behave according to our values.

In that way, we can ensure that we continue to be good stewards of the investments in us by our shareholders, customers, employees and communities, now and in the future.

Our ethos is rooted in four values: Transparency. Trust. Alignment. Honesty.

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Our Mission Customer Focus User Experience

Customer Focus

Our customers are our priority. With them in mind, we believe that every piece of technology we create should be easy to operate and allow users to work more effectively.


Our Human Centered approach to User Experience (UX) allows us to make this a reality by taming the complexities of technology to create a more intuitive experience for users.


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Our Mission Excellence


We relentlessly pursue excellence by innovating, improving our processes and reducing waste. We believe in being wise stewards of capital and resources.


Our employees are encouraged to think differently and bring new ideas to the table on improving our operations. As a leading provider of mission-critical systems, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence by delivering high quality, highly reliable products and systems to our customers.

Continuous Improvement

There is a deeply embedded culture of continuous improvement at General Dynamics. It’s in everything we do. This culture enforces a shared commitment to drive consistently toward the future and to embrace change.


Our focus on continuous improvement is infectious. It’s a priority at all levels of our company, with every employee engaged in finding new ways to do things faster, better and more cost-effectively, and to push the boundaries of our potential.