Smallest Ruggedized Full Bandwidth Non-CCI Encryptor

The TACLANE®-C100 Encryptor encryptor protects information classified Secret and below for both strategic and tactical environments. The TACLANE-C100 is designated as a Suite B, Cryptographic High Value Product (CHVP) which means it does not have the burdensome handling requirements of COMSEC equipment. The C100 is ideally suited for forward deployed operations where there is a high risk of equipment loss, as well as Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR), and regulated industry. The C100 enables increased interoperability among U.S. government, military and NATO networks.

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Future Software Upgradeable Feature

Classified Device Generated Shared Key (DGSK)

TACLANE and GEM X are trademarks of General Dynamics. HAIPE is a registered trademark of the National Security Agency. All other product and service names are the property of their respective owners.


TACLANE-C100 Encryptor Data Sheet View Document
Size 1.61"H x 5.5" W x 10.85"
Up to 3 units mounted side-by-side in 19" rack
4.25 lbs
Power < 22 Watts
Lithium 3.6V for extreme environments
User-replaceable battery
Standard Alkaline AA battery for benign environments
Passively cooled via natural convection
MIL-STD 461E EMI-compliant power supply included
Performance 200 Mb/s IP Throughput (Aggregate)
10/100 Mb/s auto negotiation (full/half duplex)
Environmental MIL-STD-810G
Operating temp: -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
Storage temp: -40°C to +71°C (-40°F to 160°F)
95% humidity (non-condensing)
MIL-STD 810 (shock, vibration, sand/dust, rain, altitude)
MIL-STD 167-1 (vibration)
MIL-STD 901D (Navy hammer shock)
MIL-STD 461E (electromagnetic compatibility)
Altitude Storage/transit:1,500 ft, below sea level to 60,000 ft above sea level
Operational: 1,500 ft below sea level to 50,000 ft above sea level
TEMPEST In accordance with NSTISSAM TEMPEST/1-92 Level 1
Reliability 320,000 Hrs Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
Security Associations (SAs) Supports large networks with 512 fully meshed nodes simultaneously
Existing connections replaced as needed
8,000 Hosts allocated over active security associations
Keys 48 Authenticated Pre-placed Keys (APPKs) Chains, with up to 11 changeover keys per slot (load APPKs once a year)
Low Latency Ideal for time delay critical applications (VoIP and satellite)
Does not exceed 59 microseconds for ≤46 byte packet (IPv4)
Does not exceed 73 microseconds for ≤64 byte packet (IPv6)
Interfaces Cipher-Text (CT) and Plain Text (PT)
10/100 Base-T electrical, RJ-45 connector
100 FX, 1310nm Optical, LC connector
Standard DS-101 Key Fill Port
Key Fill Bus Capability*
Primary Power 12VDC
Remote zeroize input
Management Perform locally via front console, or remotely via CT or PT interface.
Local Management:
Web-based using standard browser
Retains menu TACLANE structure and command
Optional Remote Management:
Standards-based SNMP v3
HAIPE IS, Standard and Enterprise MIBs supported
Up to 12 simultaneous remote managers
Over the network software upgrade
Reprogram algorithms, protocols and interfaces
Network Protocols Ethernet
IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack
IPv6 neighbor discovery and address resolution
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) (v1/v2/v3) Queries/reports
Multicast Listener Discovery (v1/v2)
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
Path Maximum Transmission Unit (PMTU)
RIP Listener/Speaker
Standard Compliance HAIPE v4.1
Suite B / IPMEIR
Discovery Static Routing
HAIPE IS v1.3.5 Secure Dynamic Discovery
Ease of Use and Management Tools GEM X Encryptor Manager - Manage a network of TACLANE encryptors remotely from a central location
Generic Discovery Server (GDS) - Automatically discovers HAIPE devices
Quick Start Wizard - Assists users with initial configuration of the unit
TACLANE Configuration Tool (TCT) - Assists users with the upgrade configuration process
Future Software Upgradeable Features HAIPE v4.1.2 for Classified Device Generated Shared Key (DGSK)
User Enhancements (future release)