Generic Discovery Server

Enabling Dynamic Discovery of Encryption Devices

The Generic Discovery Server (GDS) is a software application that simplifies the configuration process and increases the efficiency of High Assurance IP Encryptors (HAIPE®). HAIPE devices can be configured to automatically register with the GDS, making it ideal for large networks and mobile devices. This enables the HAIPE INEs to dynamically locate other INEs and route traffic via optimal paths.

Features at a Glance

  • Intuitive User Interface for INE Integration & Server Configuration
  • Storage for Over 40,000 Network & Device Addresses
  • Increased Network Efficiency
  • Optimal Routing & Redundancy
  • Supports both IPv4 & IPv6
  • Interoperable with GEM®  One Encryptor Management Software
  • Supports Windows® & Solaris Operating Systems

GDS Allows You To:

  • Display, sort, search, export and import network prefixes
  • Display, sort and search a list of HAIPEs that have registered with the GDS
  • Display, sort, search and export an event log
  • Locally or remotely add, delete, or update network prefixes
  • Assign an expiration date to network prefixes
  • Automatically remove expired network prefixes from its database
  • Assign a preference to separate routes to the same protected IP network
  • Configure the ports used to listen for HAIPE messages
  • Automatically alert GEM® One workstations of newly registered encryptors
  • Create either a mesh or hub and spoke network of Generic Discovery Servers
  • Interface to BGP Routers
  • Create Default Routes

GEM One Interoperability

The GDS discovery functionality combined with the GEM® One Encryptor Manager provides encryptor users and administrators a cost-effective solution for controlling and optimizing their secure network. Once a new HAIPE device is registered in the GDS database, GDS automatically alerts GEM One of the new device and commands GEM One to discover and start managing the device.

Both GEM One and GDS can be hosted on one single workstation which can simplify network administration and eliminate costs associated with equipment purchases such as workstations and fronting encryption devices. For more information on GEM One, please visit

Technical Specifications

Sun™/UNIX® Configuration

  • Solaris 10 Operating System for SPARC
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB available space on hard drive
  • CD drive for installing GEM One software
  • CD-RW, disk or tape drive for archives and backups

PC/Windows Configuration

  • PC with processor speed of 2.13 Ghz
  • PC with Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, or Server 2008
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB available space on hard drive
  • CD drive for installing GDS software
  • CD-RW, disk or tape drive for archives and backups

COTS Software Installed by GEM One

  • PostgreSQL v8.4.2
  • Java Runtime Environment v1.6.18
  • Java Cryptography Extension v1.6.0-RC

Fronting Encryptor

  • TACLANE® R3.x fronting IP networks

Communication Protocols

  • UDP
  • SNMPv1 (GEM One communication)

Interoperability with Encryption Devices

  • Supports HAIPE Generic Discovery Client version 3.1.2 and 3.0.2
  • TACLANE-Micro 3.5 or higher
  • TACLANE-GigE 3.5 or higher
  • Any other Generic Discovery Client enabled HAIPE

Classification Level

  • Software and documentation are unclassified
  • Can communicate with encryptors at all levels up through TS/SCI
  • A GDS workstation is considered classified to the same level as the network on which it operates

Future Enhancements

  • Server to Server Generic Discovery
  • Linux Support

24/7 Customer Support

You are never alone when you partner with General Dynamics to secure your critical information. With the largest deployed base of NSA-certified encryptors worldwide, General Dynamics is committed to support our customers worldwide with a 24/7 technical Help Desk.

Help Desk — Contact our technical Help Desk 24 hours a day/7 days a week: 877-230-0236

Our Infosec support page is designed to make it easy for customers to access the information they need. Please visit for the following support features: 

  • Product Update Notifications — Sign up to receive technical bulletins, upgrade notices and other important product information automatically via E-mail
  • Warranty Status — Enter the serial number of your encryption device to find out the date your warranty or maintenance expires
  • Depot Status— Track your encryptor through the depot
  • Order Status— Track the status of your orders
  • Software Requests — Request Software Upgrades for your TACLANE encryptors, GEM Patches and GEM Lite Software


TACLANE® Encryptor Training

The TACLANE encryptor Operator Training course is a hands-on, four day course offered in both our Scottsdale, Ariz., and Linthicum, Md., facilities. The course combines classroom presentations and hands-on-exercises designed to teach you how to install, configure and maintain the TACLANE- family of encryptors in a practical operational environment. The course also includes a complete module of training on the GEM One encryptor manager.

For more information please visit our TACLANE training homepage.

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