Approved Encryption for Unmanned Systems

   Approved Encryption for Unmanned Systems  

Unmanned platforms and systems require Size, Weight and Power (SWAP) optimized small form factor encryption modules that are MIL-STD ruggedized for the high risk platforms and environments. General Dynamics Mission Systems offers high assurance, NSA certified encryption products approved specifically for unmanned systems to secure classified ISR and Mission data in transit and at rest. Learn more about high assurance encryption.


TACLANE-Nano (KG-175N) NSA Certified

TACLANE®-Nano (KG-175N)

TACLANE®-Nano (KG-175N) is the smallest, lightest, most power efficient 200 Mb/s HAIPE®. In addition to its small form factor, the TACLANE-Nano embeds features such as Render Useless Zeroize (RUZ) making it ideal for and approved to protect data in unmanned systems. 

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ProtecD@R Multi-Platform Encryptor (KG-204) NSA Certified

ProtecD@R® Multi-Platform (KG-204)

ProtecD@R® Multi-Platform (KG-204) is the only system agnostic Data at Rest encryptor approved for unmanned systems.  

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TACLANE-C175N CHVP Encryptor


The new TACLANE-C175N CHVP Encryptor is bridging the mission gap - providing High Assurance Type 1 certified security and HAIPE interoperability with reduced handling and accountability needed for high risk environments and tactical edge missions.

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Render Useless Zeroize for Unmanned Operations

Now Available for TACLANE-Nano (KG-175N)

The TACLANE Render Useless Zeroize (RUZ) feature is ideal for unattended operations and other high risk, hostile environments that are susceptible to overrun or unplanned leave behind. Now available for TACLANE-Nano (KG-175N).