TACLANE Network Encryption

TACLANE Network Encryption Family

For more than 45 years, General Dynamics has proven their expertise in encryption technology with the TACLANE® family, the world's most widely deployed Type 1 encryptors. Whether you require security for Top Secret missions, Suite B compliance or protection for Sensitive But Unclassified information, TACLANE encryptors provide high-speed interoperable solutions to protect your networks and information against evolving cyber threats.

As the need for data loss prevention capabilities and secure information sharing expands beyond traditional DoD and military users, we've expanded our offerings to include Suite B products. This includes NSA-Certified Cryptographic High Value Products (CHVPs) for Secret and below.

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Secure Mobile Communications at the Tactical Edge

TACLANE-Nano is the new small form factor addtion to the TACLANE family of  HAIPE encryptors.  Offering 50 Mb/s throughput and power options, the Nano provides end-to-end secure voice, video and data in mobile environments.



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The Next Gen Crypto Modernization Solution is here!

TACLANE-FLEX is an NSA Certified customizable and scalable (200 Mb/s - 2 Gb/s) encryption platform designed to support the advanced cyber threats of today and tomorrow.  As the name implies, TACLANE-FLEX provides the flexibility to support multiple speeds, networks, environments and feature requirements.




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TACLANE Products and Training

Browse our full TACLANE encryption product line and training classes.

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Secure Products Training

General Dynamics offers a number of product training courses at our Annapolis Junction, MD and Scottsdale, AZ facilities. The courses combine classroom presentations and hands-on-exercises designed to teach customers how to install, configure, maintain, and use the latest secure products in a practical operational environment. Students who pass the short written and practical examination at the end of the course will receive a certificate.

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You are never alone when you partner with General Dynamics to secure your critical information. With the largest deployed base of NSA-certified encryptors worldwide, General Dynamics is committed to support our customers worldwide with a 24/7 technical Help Desk.

For immediate assistance call 877-230-0236

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