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TACLANE – The World’s Most Widely Deployed Encryptors

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For more than 45 years, General Dynamics has proven their expertise in encryption technology with the TACLANE® family, the world's most widely deployed Type 1 encryptors. Whether you require security for Top Secret missions, Suite B compliance or protection for Sensitive But Unclassified information, TACLANE encryptors provide high-speed interoperable solutions to protect your networks and information against evolving cyber threats.

As the need for data loss prevention capabilities and secure information sharing expands beyond traditional DoD and military users, we've expanded our offerings to include Suite B products. This includes NSA Certified Cryptographic High Value Products (CHVPs) for Secret and below.

  • Field Proven and Reliable
  • NSA Certified for Top Secret/SCI & Below
  • Common Management via GEM™ X Encryptor Manager
  • Suites (A/B) & Mode (HAIPE®/IPMEIR) Agility
  • 24/7 Customer Service

TACLANE-FLEX (KG-175F) Encryptor

Introducing the TACLANE-FLEX, a customizable encryption platform that provides the flexibility needed to support today’s advanced cyber security missions. With the same form and fit of the widely deployed TACLANE-Micro, the FLEX includes scalability to support 100 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s throughput and advanced features that support additional networking and security capability. The TACLANE-FLEX has been submitted for NSA certification to protect information classified Top Secret and below. Click here to receive updates on this new product.

TACLANE-10G (KG-175X) Encryptor

The TACLANE-10G is a next generation high-speed encryptor that expands throughput performance to 10 Gb/s while maintaining the proven TACLANE security, reliability and ease-of-use. The 10G is NSA certified to secure information classified Top Secret/SCI and below and its the only HAIPE encryptor to offer simultaneous IP and Ethernet capabilities. The TACLANE-10G is Agile VLAN-capable and can accept additional software to improve the network sensing capabilities.

TACLANE-1G (KG-175G) Encryptor

The TACLANE-1G is a low-profile, 1 Gb/s network encryptor that's ruggedized for both tactical and strategic environments and NSA certified to protect information classified Top Secret/SCI and below. The TACLANE-1G is Agile VLAN-capable and accepts TACLANE Trusted Sensor Software to improve network sensing capabilities.

TACLANE Trusted Sensor Software

A first-of-its kind, National Security Agency (NSA) approved, option that adds Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) capabilities to the TACLANE-1G encryptor. These additional cyber sensor features aid network administrators in establishing network situational awareness and provides greater Defense-in-Depth in a cost effective manner.

TACLANE-Micro (KG-175D) Encryptor

TACLANE-Micro is the most deployed High Assurance IP Encryptor (HAIPE) and Crypto Modernization Compliant encryptor in the world. High-speed (200 Mb/s aggregate), compact (4.25 lbs.), mobile, and foreign interoperable, the TACLANE-Micro is ideal for both tactical and strategic environments.

TACLANE-C100 Non-Type 1 Suite B Encryptor

The TACLANE-C100 Encryptor protects information classified Secret and below in both strategic and tactical environments. The C100 is designated as a Suite B, CHVP which means it does not have the burdensome handling requirements of COMSEC equipment. The TACLANE-C100 is suited for forward deployed operations where there is a high risk of equipment loss, as well as Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources and regulated industry. The C100 enables increased interoperability among U.S. government, military and NATO networks.