Introduced at Dynamics Connections 2017, with the objective of providing secure encryption of highly-classified communications and information sharing up to TS/SCI and below to communications professionals and warfighters on the battlefield, the TACLANE®-Nano (KG-175N) went from being a product concept to currently being the smallest, lightest, and lowest power HAIPE encryptor available today.

Built upon the market-leading TACLANE technology, the TACLANE-Nano was designed with the latest in crypto modernization to provide high assurance protection of real-time voice, video, and data to dismounted soldiers, classified mobile communications, unmanned/manned intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations, and covert, unattended, and special operations. TACLANE-Nano was designed and tested to MIL-STD-810 requirements to be fielded in harsh environments. TACLANE Nano Encryptor Cubic Dtech DC19

After the first introduction of the TACLANE-Nano in the market, General Dynamics held multiple technical meetings with military, government, and intelligence agencies to hear firsthand their challenges and needs. As part of these collaborations, General Dynamics worked with several labs within the DoD and Fed/Civ community to test the TACLANE-Nano under real mission network simulations to ensure the product features and performance hit the mark in real world scenarios.

Simultaneously, General Dynamics collaborated with deployable flyaway kit and SATCOM providers such as Cubic Mission Solutions, Klas Telecom, and Tampa Microwave to provide warfighters at the network edge with greater performance in a more smaller, lighter and power-efficient form factor than currently deployed offerings.

In less than a year, General Dynamics presented a live demo of the TACLANE- Nano at Dynamics Connections 2018 in front of over 1,000 customers, partners and industry leaders. The TACLANE-Nano was well received due to its innovative small design, ability to meet its user’s mission’s requirements, and performance in a wide range of environments –from the tactical edge to the enterprise.

The TACLANE-Nano was officially launched this year in Denver, Colorado at Dynamic Connections 2019 (DC19). General Dynamics presented live demos of the encryptor highlighting its small size, weight, and low power consumption. 

At DC19, General Dynamics was able to show through live demos the TACLANE-Nano’s innovative design, performance, integration with leading tactical kits, and its interoperability with other TACLANE High Assurance IP Encryptor (HAIPE®) devices, GEM® One Enterprise Encryptor Manager, as well as future product variants.

TACLANE-Nano, the smallest, lightest HAIPE encryptor for classified communications in the market is now NSA certified and available for purchase via NSA IDIQ or GD direct.