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General Dynamics TACLANE-Nano Partners

Bringing you Secure, Integrated Mobile Communications Systems and Flyaway Kits

Low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP), time to deploy and ease of use – critical factors for mobile deployable communications. The TACLANE-Nano (KG-175N) is the smallest, lightest, most power efficient HAIPE designed specifically for the mobile applications at the edge. An NSA certified, single layer encryption solution, the Nano provides 200 Mb/s throughput to secure communications wherever ‘the edge’ may be – travel, telework, cover field operations, unmanned operations and embedment into deployable networking and SATCOM kits or tactical platforms. 


That is why General Dynamics has collaborated with several market-leading deployable networking and SATCOM providers and integrators to lighten the load for Warfighters and provide the most secure, most SWAP-optimized and easily deployable solution to fit their mission needs. 

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TACLANE-Nano Partner CMS M3X


The M3X from Cubic Mission Solutions is an expeditionary networking and compute platform that provides ruggedized Intel Xeon processing, Cisco networking and storage to the tactical edge. Ideal for battalions and small teams, the chassis-less design with patented Raised Angle Connector for power and data delivers class-leading modularity and scalability. The M3X integrates the TACLANE-Nano (KG-175N) encryptor easily via a mounting plate to meet secure mobile mission requirements for our military, government, first-responder and civilian customers.

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TACLANE-Nano on a Klas Telecom Voyager module

Klas Telecom

Voyager is a modular and scalable networking system of systems designed to meet the requirements of military, government and public safety communicators in any operational environment. Voyager comprises a range of common form-factor, rugged, low SWaP, Cisco-based networking modules and chassis for use across the full spectrum of deployment platforms and operational environments.  The TACLANE-Nano is easily integrated in this system to secure communications classified Top Secret and below using the HAIPE bracket and KG-175N adapter providing users a complete, streamlined mobile package to Communicate More and Carry Less.

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TACLANE-Nano (KG-175) in use on a Tampa Microwave 65CM Satellite Terminal

Tampa Microwave

Tampa Microwave’s line of military-grade Manpack and Flyaway SATCOM terminals employ an industry-unique “vertical” modular design philosophy. Legendary reliability & mission flexibility were key factors as to why USSOCOM selected Tampa Microwave as its SATCOM terminal provider for the SOF Deployable Node (SDN) - Lite program of record.  The TACLANE-Nano encryptor mounts onto any Tampa Microwave terminal leg to provide security for classified communications and enhanced performance over SATCOM links with the TACLANE Agile PEP feature.  The Tampa Microwave – TACLANE solution provides a modular solution for any mission.

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Army CHS-5 Common Hardware Systems 5

Expeditionary Networks Partners

Data and network encryption programme engineers at General Dynamics are teaming up with Klas Telecom and DTech Labs in support of their expeditionary networking platforms, partnerships that potentially could result in a new satellite communication (SATCOM) suite for the US Army's Expeditionary Signals Battalion-Enhanced (ESB-E) units.

TACLANE-Nano on a Klas Telecom Voyager 2 module

TACLANE-Nano and Klas Collaboration

The integration of the NSA certified TACLANE-Nano encryptor with the Klas Voyager System provides warfighters the ability to access and share classified data with reliable connectivity, trusted security and interoperability at the mobile edge.

TACLANE-Nano HAIPE Encryptor DTECH M3X Series Integration

TACLANE-Nano and DTECH M3X Integration

General Dynamics Mission Systems announced today that it plans to integrate the TACLANE-Nano encryptor with Cubic Mission Solutions' DTECH M3X network module stack. Read the press release!

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