Dynamic Connections 2025

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Bringing together more than 500 security experts across government, industry and academia, Dynamic Connections explores and discovers how to best secure classified information at the highest level of security to defend against dynamic threats and protect the Nation's most critical information.

DC19 Speaker Megan Smith

Reasons To Attend Dynamic Connections

CompTIA Certified Training | Expert-led training provides a hands-on and interactive experience to elevate your technical skills.

Technology Demos | Explore live demos, product presentations and opportunities for you to explore innovation across the security landscape in The Hive.

Breakout Sessions | Expand knowledge and learn about current & future trends, new products & features, and help shape the future of data protection & secure communications.

Networking | Network with industry peers and technology partners to gain new insights, discover new ways of thinking and learn best practices.

The GD Difference | Meet and connect with our team of account managers, solutions architects, subject matter experts and engineers for advice and assistance.

We Want To Hear From You

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