URC-200 (V2) With 30/90 MHz Frequency Enhancement

Frequency Enhancement: Tactical FM Band

General Dynamics' versatile, field-proven URC-200 (V2) provides Line-of-Sight capabilities for vehicular, airborne, fixed-site or portable applications. For commercial, civilian or military users, the 30-90 MHz frequency enhancement virtually eliminates the need for additional radios, batteries, microphones, etc., and allows one radio to provide all communication needs. The frequency expansion also provides:

  • Access to the 30-400 MHz VHF/UHF communications band
  • Access to the VHF tactical FM band between 30 and 90 MHz
  • Compatibility with SINCGARS radios in the non-frequency hopping mode

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Product Details


General Dynamics’ versatile URC-200 (V2) transceivers are the clear choice for vehicular, airborne, fixed-site and portable applications. Line-of-Sight (LOS) radio operators can access the entire VHF/UHF communications band with the addition of the frequency expansion for the URC-200 (V2) multi-band, multi-mode radios. The expansion provides access to the VHF tactical FM band between 30 and 90 MHz, and eliminates the need for additional radios, batteries, microphones, etc. One lightweight, low cost radio provides full communication access for commercial, civilian or military users. With the addition of the tactical FM band, the URC-200 (V2) allows for:

  • Compatibility with SINCGARS radios in the non-frequency hopping mode
  • Fully compatible frequency presets
  • Elimination of multiple-radio compatibility problems
  • Low cost, high reliability
  • Multi-band voice on both civilian and military frequencies at rates up to 16 kb/s
  • Remote control capability
  • Ease of use with front panel programmable frequencies



URC 200 (V2) 30-90 MHz Frequency Enhancement Datasheet



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Frequency Range 30 to 90 MHz
Operational Modes Clear Voice Half Duplex Tuning
Increments 12.5 and 25 kHz
Peak Deviation 10kHz
Modulation Frequency Modulation
Frequency Stability ± 1 PPM
Preset Channels 10 transmit; 10 receive



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  • Description and Specifications
  • Installation and Setup
  • Operation
  • Maintenance

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