URC-200 (V2) Line of Sight Transceiver

The Standard for Multi-Band, Multi-Mode Radios

General Dynamics proudly introduces the newest radio in the URC-200 family, the URC-200 (V2). The URC-200 (V2) Line of Sight Transceiver makes radio communications easier and more effective – without compromising privacy. This family of field-proven radios is backed by over two decades of production experience. This upgraded radio offers full compatibility with all currently fielded URC-200 accessories and includes the following benefits:

  • Adaptable to many applications, including manpack, rackmount, vehicular and intercom
  • Covers from 30 to 420 frequency range with optional frequency enhancements
  • RS-232 interface allows for remote control access for both single and multiple remote operations
  • Frequency Agile Co-site Filter reduces interference for Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications
  • Frequencies are easy to set and access via the front-panel control presets



General Dynamics URC-300 Transceiver

Introducing the New URC-300™ Line-of-Sight Transceiver

Our new URC-300 line-of-sight transceiver improves ground-to-air communications and is specifically designed to enable customizable future enhancements to fit your mission.

It is smaller and lighter than the URC-200™ with significantly improved RF performance and 8.33 KHz compliance to provide clearer communications in congested and international environments.

Learn More About the URC-300

In The News: URC-300, A Rugged and Flexible Communications Solution


LOS refers to any “Line-of-Sight” (LOS) radio antenna communications system and covers the entire non-commercial, service and aviation bands of the AM/ FM, VHF/UHF spectrum, from 30 MHz to 420 Mz. General Dynamics designed its URC-200 LOS product line to provide highly dependable service and to withstand the most demanding, harsh treatment and situations in the field.

  • Multi-band, multi-mode radio gives you the flexibility to operate in both the AM/FM bands and VHF/UHF spectrum. You can also customize the radio to work in manpack, rackmount, vehicular and intercom applications.
  • No security clearance needed - the URC is a non-CCI radio, so you don't need any special security clearances to operate it. This also means that it can be shipped and stored without COMSEC handling requirements.
  • Remote control access lets you use the radio from a distance. It's also lightweight and ruggedized, giving you radio communications in the harshest environments.
  • Step Away From That Radio! Introducing our new wireless handheld option for the URC Transceivers

Available Via GSA Schedule

GSA Order: GS-35F-0060N
Schedule: #70 |  SIN 132-8
For assistance, please call 1-800-424-0052.
Email: URCinfo@gd-ms.com


We currently offer operation and maintenance training for our Line of Sight radio products at our Scottsdale facility, which is conveniently located seven miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. If you’d prefer for us to come to you, Customer Onsite Training is also available: please contact us for a quote.

Training Topics

  • URC Radio Introduction
  • Description and Specifications
  • Installation and Setup
  • Operation
  • Maintenance

For full syllabus details, please download the URC-200 (V2) Transceiver Training Content Outline.


Please contact us if you require a formal quote for training class funding.

Classes are scheduled for a maximum of 15 students. General Dynamics Mission Systems reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course due to low enrollment, schedule conflicts, or other reason beyond our control. Changes will be announced a minimum of two weeks prior to the published course date being canceled or changed.

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In The News: URC-300 - A Rugged And Flexible Communications Solution

August 27, 2020
Dawn Bushnell, product manager of ground-to-air radio systems from General Dynamics Mission Systems discusses the URC-300, the latest radio for air traffic control communications in any situation.

General Dynamics Delivers 20,000TH Air Traffic Control Radio to Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Defense

April 08, 2020
General Dynamics delivered the 20,000th CM-300/350 VHF-UHF (V2) radio on February 20, providing advanced, network-ready, ground-to-air communications to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as part of their NEXCOM 2 modernization program.

U.S. Air Force Utilizes HOOK3 Radio During Simulated Rescue Mission For NASA Crews

July 19, 2019
U.S. Air Force search and rescue teams used General Dynamics' HOOK3 Combat Survival Radio during a simulated rescue mission to locate a NASA crew in the water after an aborted launch.

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July 10, 2019
Harnessing the power of quantum physics for communications and sensing first theorized by Albert Einstein in the 1930s will allow General Dynamics to offer revolutionary real-world applications that could render conventional secure systems obsolete within the next decade.

U.S. Air Force Orders General Dynamics Air Traffic Control Radios for Bases in Europe

September 18, 2018
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – General Dynamics Mission Systems received a contract from the U.S. Air Force to supply more than 140 CM-300/350 V2 Air Traffic Control (ATC) radios, replacing existing ATC radios currently operating at U.S. Air Force in Europe (USAFE) locations.
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