Sectéra Cube

Multi-Access Handset Device for the Sectéra vIPer Secure Phone

The Sectéra® Cube is the latest enhancement for the Sectéra product portfolio, built to support Sectéra vIPer™ Universal Secure Phones. The Sectéra Cube provides access for three total handsets to be connected to a single vIPer phone, enabling multiple handset users to access a single phone line while in the same room. 

Simple to install, the Sectéra Cube can be set up out of the box within minutes to operate with new and/or existing vIPer phones to provide high-quality, clear voice and data communications for VoIP and analog networks. The Sectéra vIPer phone is the only VoIP phone certified to protect information classified Top Secret/SCI and below,

The Differences Between SVoIP and VoSIP Infrastructures

Secure Voice over Internet Protocol (SVoIP) and Voice over Secure Internet Protocol (VoSIP) infrastructures offer modern approaches to secure voice communications, but differ in security, interoperability, flexibility and usability. How do you ensure a secure voice solution? Evaluate this key criteria in our resources below and choose the secure voice solution that's right for your mission.

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The Sectéra Cube Kit includes:

  • Sectéra Cube
  • Two Standard Handsets
  • Three Coiled Handset Cords
  • Sectéra vIPer Flat Phone Cord  


The Sectéra Cube is just one of the ancillary products that has been developed, tested and validated by General Dynamics Mission Systems for use with Sectéra devices. This reduces risks associated with interoperability, redundancy, environmental factors and even warranty coverage. Please refer to the Sectéra Approved Products List (APL) for a complete list of ancillary items available for purchase and supported by General Dynamics.


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