WHAT: At the AUSA 2017 Annual Meeting & Exposition, General Dynamics is showcasing its investments in the next technologies, capabilities and platforms built to support the U.S. Army and U.S. allies across all domains. General Dynamics is focused on partnering with the Army to develop innovative solutions that ensure readiness for the future.

WHEN: October 9-11, 2017 | Visit www.AUSA.org for symposium hours and admissions information.

WHERE: Exhibit Hall A (lower level), Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D. C.
Booth 803: General Dynamics Land Systems
Booth 825: General Dynamics Mission Systems
Booth 815: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

General Dynamics Land Systems: Booth 803

Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle Dragoon (ICVD): General Dynamics is meeting the Army’s operational need to upgrade the lethality of select Stryker vehicles with the Stryker Dragoon variant. It features a 30mm cannon to support dismounted soldiers in the 2nd Calvary Regiment of the Stryker Brigade Combat Team. In partnership with the Army, Land Systems will produce and deliver eight prototypes and 83 production vehicles equipped with a remotely controlled turret armed with the 30mm cannon. The first production vehicle was delivered in August 2017.

Stryker Maneuver SHORAD Launcher (MSL): The Stryker MSL is a Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) solution that meets the Army’s emerging operational need to counter Unmanned Aerial Systems and Rotary Wing, Fixed Wing and Cruise Missile threats. This dedicated SHORAD capability adds a new operational dimension to the Stryker fleet. The Stryker MSL utilizes a common Army platform that is cost effective, highly mobile, survivable, sustainable and transportable.

M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams Main Battle Tank: From survivability improvements to sustainment enhancements, the Abrams continues to evolve. Design is complete, prototypes are built and systems are performing well in tests. Upgrades to the tank in this System Enhancement Package (SEP) include additional electrical power to support future technologies, the ability to interface with advanced 120mm ammunition, an auxiliary power unit, improved armor and radios, network upgrades and increased reliability and ease of maintenance.

Bridging Systems: General Dynamics European Land Systems will have experts on hand to discuss how its bridging systems can defeat wet and dry gaps, particularly as the payload of combat vehicles continue to increase.

General Dynamics Land Systems also will exhibit additional vehicles and capabilities throughout the exhibition hall, including scale models of the Stryker Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser, Stryker Mobile Command Post, and the Abrams Active Protection System.

General Dynamics Mission Systems: Booth 825

Air Traffic Control Radios: These FAA-certified CM300/350 V2 ATC radios provide clear, reliable, ground-to-air communications among air traffic controllers and pilots. Learn how this NEXGEN-enabling technology will improve the National Airspace System, and why the Federal Aviation Administration and U.S. Department of Defense have standardized these radio systems and selected as the preferred choice to replace legacy radios.

Augmented Reality (AR): Armed with AR, a soldier can pull mission-critical information to the battlefield, organized to best use virtual space, giving vision to sight-deprived and SWaP-restricted environments.

Cyber defense products: The following products, which protect information and networks against persistent threats and defend assets across all domains, will be on display:

  • TACLANE®, the world's most widely deployed Type 1 encryptor, continues to provide high-speed interoperable solutions to protect networks and information. The newest addition is the customizable TACLANE-FLEX (KG-175F), scalable to support 100 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s throughput and advanced features that support additional networking and security capability.
  • The next generation of encryptor manager, GEM One, is an enterprise-level remote management solution, enables users to easily configure, monitor and maintain a dispersed network of encryptors.
  • The ProtecD@R portfolio of standard and customizable data-at-rest encryption products provide confidence that stored information is protected if lost or stolen.
  • Sectéra® vIPer™ Universal Secure Phone is the only NSA-certified VoIP phone that protects information classified Top Secret/SCI and below over commercial wired networks.

Fortress® Wireless Gateway: The new Fortress Wireless Gateway (FWG) consists of a Wi-Fi access point, LTE modem, mesh network and multiple radios, and can be tailored to support different network configurations. Designed specifically for tactical applications, the Gateway enables military and public safety personnel to quickly and securely connect and roam between multiple wireless networks or extend the coverage of an existing network.

Fortress® Wireless Deployable Kits: These kits provide an easily transportable, all-in-one solution that enables military personnel to quickly establish or extend an LTE or Wi-Fi network anytime, anywhere. Customizable to support Fortress LTE and Fortress Wi-Fi Mesh configurations, these provide wireless ‘always-on’ access to vital information. The kits are ruggedized to operate in the harshest environments.

Light Reconnaissance Vehicle and Multi-Domain Dominance Kit: This kit is an immediate solution to negate the area access/area denial and multi-domain environment threats to Army land operations. This modular, transferable, plug-and-play capability serves the immediate need of the Infantry Brigade Combat Team scout platoon, providing EW and counter-EW capability, enhanced line-of-sight and beyond line-of-sight communications, anti-jam GPS and other capabilities.

Small Deployable Antennas: This new line of small, deployable antenna terminals includes ManPak® flyaway terminals and the uPak® and uPod® quick deploy terminals. Lightweight, rugged and easy-to-use and deploy, the terminals are available in a variety of reflector sizes and are IATA compliant which allows them to be in checked luggage on commercial flights.

TACDS™ is a ruggedized, tactical cross-domain solution certified by the NSA that enables information sharing across different security domains in tactical vehicles. And to meet the demanding SWaP needs of dismounted military personnel, it is available in a smaller form factor that weighs just 8 ounces.

Training as a Service: Mission Systems will demonstrate a training solution which leverages existing Army MILES gear and commercial and tactical networks to provide an instrumented training range to any location around the world. This capability allows commanders from company to division level to easily facilitate platoon to brigade exercises with the added benefit of rapidly producing detailed after-action reviews.

Trusted Network Environment (TNE) enables multiple coalitions of interest to share sensitive information across security boundaries. Built on an enhanced Linux Operating System provided by the PitBull product, TNE enables this 360-degree collaboration with a suite of trusted software applications, utilities and tools that are fully accredited for cross-domain information sharing.

WIN-T NextGen Point of Presence: The new and enhanced WIN-T NextGen Point of Presence (PoP) will be on display, featuring a number of size, weight and power improvements to increase its expeditionary capabilities. The PoP provides a mobile connection to the WIN-T network offering Voice over Internet Protocol and a number of mission command applications that provide commanders with situational awareness and instant, direct communications.

As a leader in Ground Combat platform C4I product solutions that are applicable for domestic and offshore applications, General Dynamics Mission Systems will be showcasing a product wall of existing and emerging capability sets including: computing and displays, video distribution, fire control, tactical voice and data, navigation system, power distribution, as well as LTE communications systems. 

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems: Booth 815

The Flyer Family of Lightweight, Tactical Vehicles: A family of highly configurable and fully modular, internal and external air transportable, purpose built, mission-ready vehicles. These versatile vehicles can be reconfigured to support a multitude of mission and service needs. The Flyer 72 operates with 5,700 lb of payload and up to a crew of nine. It will be shown in four configurations at AUSA:

  • The Army Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) configuration, the lightest of the Flyer configurations, carries an infantry squad of nine soldiers and is capable of external transport by UH-60 helicopter.
  • The SOCOM GMV1.1 can be configured as a three- or seven-man crew to meet the needs of the Special Forces operator. It will be displayed with a GAU-19/B Gatlin gun.
  • An additional GMV1.1 will be shown with the company’s newest offering in Active Protection Systems, the Iron Fist Lite, as well as a 40mm Mk 47 grenade launcher with the next-generation fire control Lightweight Video Sight II.
  • The Army Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) will be on display in the General Dynamics Mission Systems booth, featuring the Light Reconnaissance Vehicle and Multi-Domain Dominance Kit.

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