Data-at-Rest Encryption for Direct-Attached and Networked Storage

Data-at-Rest is Data-at-Risk. What would happen if your classified data got into the wrong hands? General Dynamics provides both standard and customizable data-at-rest encryption products that provide confidence that your stored information is protected if lost or stolen.

ProtecD@R Embedded Encryptor (DaR-400E)

The ProtecD@R Embedded Data-at-Rest (DAR) encryptor protects stored data classified Secret and below for tactical applications. ProtecD@R Embedded is ideal for ruggedized VITA applications and unattended platforms such as tactical vehicles, and UAVs where there is threat of platform compromise or overrun.

ProtecD@R High Speed Encryptor (KG-540A)

The ProtecD@R High Speed Encryptor (KG-540A) protects Data-at-Rest (DAR) on InfiniBand-based storage networks. Smaller and lighter than the KG-540B, the KG-540A is designed for airborne applications.

ProtecD@R High Speed Encryptor (KG-540B)

The ProtecD@R High Speed Encryptor (KG-540B) protects the Data-at-Rest (DAR) on InfiniBand-based storage networks. Ideal for high-performance computing and enterprise data centers, the ProtecD@R High Speed encryptor provides, low-latency security for large data files at 32 Gb/s throughput speeds.

ProtecD@R PC Data-at-Rest Encryptor (DaR-400)

The ProtecD@R PC encryptor secures data, imagery, video and other information stored on computer hard drives. The ProtecD@R PC is a single unit that can be installed into a desktop computer, or attached to a laptop to protect information classified Secret and below.

Fibre Channel Encryption

The KG-202 is an example of a customizable fibre channel data-at-rest encryptor that protects information on your storage network for both fixed and removable media. Ruggedized for tactical environments, the KG-202 is embedded in a VITA chassis and enables multiple security levels to be stored in a single storage array, reducing your total cost of ownership.