URC-200 Radios Provide Lifeline for Air Traffic Control Following Hurricane Irma

General Dynamics Mission Systems’ URC-200 Line-of-Sight radios were recently deployed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to aid in relief efforts in St. Thomas following hurricane Irma. The radios were part of the FAA’s mobile Air Traffic Control (ATC) towers and provided critical ground-to-air radio communications for relief planes at St. Thomas airport. In addition the radios were also deployed in the Florida Keys as part of the FAA’s emergency response vehicles to aid air traffic control communications. Known for their dependability in the most demanding environments, the radios serve as an emergency backup system or “Jerk and Run” to reestablish vital ATC communications.


Fortress® ES520 and ES820 Mesh Points End-of-Life

Radios - Fortress ES820 Vehicle Mesh Point Carousel 1General Dynamics Mission Systems has announced the End-of-Sale (EoS) and End-of-Life (EoL) of the Fortress ES820 and ES520 Mesh Points. The date for last time order of these products is December 29, 2017. General Dynamics will continue to provide technical Help Desk support and honor all currently active warranty and maintenance agreements. The ES520 and ES820 Mesh Points will be replaced by the ES2440 Mesh Point.


ACG Systems Awarded Contract to Replace Legacy Air Traffic Control (ATC) Radios at Dulles International Airport

Air Traffic Control Radio - ATC CM-300/350 v2ACG Systems, a Value Added Reseller for General Dynamics Mission Systems’ was recently awarded a contract by Dulles International Airport to upgrade their existing legacy ATC radios. After an extensive review process, the Ramp Tower Department selected the General Dynamics’ CM-300/350 V2 radios as the preferred choice to meet their requirements and replace their legacy radios. As part of the agreement ACG Systems will provide and install 8 radios and one spare and will provide technical support, bi-annual preventative maintenance and product training.

With over 10,000 radios delivered, the FAA certified CM-300/350 V2 radios provide clear, reliable, ground-to-air communications among air traffic controllers and pilots operating in the National Airspace System (NAS). Compliant to the international Air Traffic Management VoIP standard, the radios have become the preferred choice of the FAA and DoD to replace outdated legacy radios. For more information on how you can modernize your radios please visit our website.

About ACG Systems

ACG Systems provides commercial and government industries with operationally effective, cost efficient, unifying communication solutions. ACG integrates, distributes, and supports leading brands of digital and analog communication equipment, supporting major national and regional airlines, federal government agencies, airport authorities, hospitality chains, military and most industries reliant on innovative communications solutions. In addition to ACG’s proprietary software and products, our product line features radios covering most frequency bands, consoles, switches, digital recorders and radio communications systems.

For more information on ACG Systems please visit their website: www.acgsys.com



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