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General Dynamics Mission Systems Introduces New Autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

September 10, 2019
QUINCY, Mass. – General Dynamics Mission Systems today released the new Bluefin-12 autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle at Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2019 in London.

General Dynamics Demonstrates Cross-Domain, Multi-Level Command, Control and Communication Capabilities at ANTX 2019

September 05, 2019
NEWPORT, R.I. – As part of the U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center’s Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX) 2019, a General Dynamics Mission Systems-led team demonstrated cross-domain, multi-level command, control and communication (C3) capabilities using manned and unmanned assets.

Watch the Bluefin-9 UUV Collect High Resolution Imagery of the Seafloor

June 24, 2019
The Bluefin-9's tightly integrated commercial off-the-shelf sensors deliver best-in-class imagery and collect bathymetric and environmental data, including data on water currents, temperature, salinity and turbidity.

General Dynamics Mission Systems Launches Latest Unmanned Underwater Vehicle at Oceans 2018

October 23, 2018
The completely reengineered Bluefin-9 unmanned underwater vehicle combines high navigational accuracy, outstanding sonar resolution, and precision manufacturing to deliver defense, commercial and academic customers highly-detailed subsurface data in minutes rather than hours.

General Dynamics Mission Systems Demonstrates Cross-domain Command, Control and Communication Technology at ANTX 2018

September 10, 2018
At ANTX 2018, a General Dynamics Mission Systems-led team demonstrated cross-domain, multi-level command, control and communication (C3) among unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV), submarines and land-based mission operations centers.

General Dynamics Knifefish Unmanned Undersea Vehicle Successfully Completes Contractor Trials

October 26, 2017
The General Dynamics Mission Systems' Knifefish team successfully completed contractor trials for the U.S. Navy's Knifefish program, a mine countermeasure unmanned undersea vehicle.

General Dynamics Demonstrates Advanced Mission Command and Control among Unmanned Underwater, Airborne and On-shore Assets at ANTX 2017

August 29, 2017
NEWPORT, R.I. - General Dynamics Mission Systems and General Dynamics Electric Boat demonstrated multiple mission command, control and communication capabilities connecting Bluefin Robotics’ unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) and a third-party provided unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a simulated AN/BYG-1 submarine combat control center ashore.

General Dynamics Knifefish Unmanned Undersea Vehicle Successfully Completes Mine-hunting Evaluation

March 20, 2017
Knifefish represents an extremely accurate and efficient addition to the U.S. Navy’s mine-hunting tool kit. Quincy, Mass. — The General Dynamics Mission Systems Knifefish team successfully completed a comprehensive evaluation of Knifefish, an autonomous surface mine countermeasure (SMCM) unmanned undersea ...

General Dynamics Bluefin SandShark Autonomous Underwater Vehicle is Ready to Order

January 12, 2017
Small enough to fit in a backpack, Bluefin SandShark dives to 200 meters and multiple vehicles can work in parallel for large area, underwater missions. Pittsfield, Mass. — General Dynamics Mission Systems today announced its new Bluefin SandShark autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) can now be…

In the News: Drone Warfare Heads Under the Seas

November 24, 2016
Below is a brief excerpt from an article published in The Washington Post on how unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) technology has matured in recent years to overcome some of the difficulties of operating underwater. The article takes a closer look at our Bluefin-21 autonomous underwater vehicle…

Bluefin UUV Dives Deep into the Arctic at U.S. Navy Exercise

September 16, 2016
Imagine traveling to the top of the world to put technology to the test in the harsh conditions of the Arctic Circle. For two General Dynamics Mission Systems employees, that dream became a reality during a recent assignment at the U.S. Navy's ice exercise known as ICEX 2016. It was pretty…
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