Dynamic Vision

Dynamic Vision

Extends tracking capability beyond single sensor limitations by synchronizing multiple sensors automatically

Dynamic Vision provides watch standers a single point of control and display using the platform’s existing cameras. When combined with Dynamic ASSIST, Dynamic Vision integrates new cameras and sources of track data to provide a correlated 360-degree camera coverage for navigation and visual assistance in high threat or congested areas.

Integrates with any platform

Dynamic Vision integrates new sensors onto any platform, and connects non-link platforms to the navy grid, without changing the legacy system. Dynamic Vision adds sensor fusion capabilities for existing and future data sources to develop best quality target tracks, supporting increased lethality.

Enhanced Operator Situational awareness

Dynamic Vision combines data from disparate systems into a combine picture on a single screen for enhanced operator situational awareness. Providing a 3D display, the operator gains an intuitive view of the battle space and coverage zone.

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