Dynamic ASSIST

Dynamic ASSIST

Increase operational effectiveness of manned and unmanned vessels by fusing native and non-native sensors

Dynamic ASSIST (Advanced SyStem Integration STructure) passively receives under-utilized data from sources such as the Navigation Radar, AIS, JREAP, and Link 16, and consolidates all the tracks into a single real-time common operational picture. Dynamic ASSIST provides improved situational awareness by adding a display that allows the operator to see tracks from multiple sources at a single interface. In addition to displaying data on standard 2D maps, Dynamic ASSIST provides a 3D display of track location and 3D weapon and sensor coverage zones.

OFFERING Enhanced Operational Capabilities

Integration with the Dynamic ASSIST 3D display gives the operator an intuitive view of the battle space and each camera’s field of view. Easily integrating with existing and additional cameras, Dynamic Assist synchronizes multiple cameras to a single high-priority target, such as a Man-Overboard or navigational obstacle. Pairing mode automatically and continuously points cameras at targets identified by other sources such as AI object detection, radars, AIS, Link, or other cameras. Cameras automatically slew to each target based on a user-prioritized list of targets.

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