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Networking Radios

Radios Are More Than Tools, They Are Lifelines.

General Dynamics Mission Systems Manpack and Rifleman radios extend voice and data communications to the tactical edge and put the power of the network in the hands of the soldier for the first time ever. Working together to form ad-hoc networks without fixed infrastructure, the PRC-155 Manpack and PRC-154 Rifleman radios enable apps and data service for individual soldiers like never before.

PRC-155 Manpack Radio

The PRC-155 Manpack Radio is the first two-channel voice and data radio to connect both soldiers on the ground and vehicles downrange to the “big Army” network using the MUOS satellite network.

PRC-154A Rifleman Radio

Our PRC-154A Rifleman Radio extends the network down to the individual soldier like never before. The Rifleman Radio enables soldiers to stay connected using voice, data, apps, and position location information.

Sidewinder Vehicle Mount

The Sidewinder SRW-Appliqué extends the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) network to the vehicular environment by connecting a handheld radio, such as a Rifleman Radio, with a high-power amplifier.

Universal Applications Product

The Universal Applications Product is a low-cost, miniature, low-power commercial computer that can be standalone or connected to radios, computers, and other devices to enable multiple applications.

VideoBANDIT Suite

The VideoBANDIT™ suite is an image/video compression and exploitation software suite that facilitates the generation of imagery products and enables their transmission over low-bandwidth, disadvantaged links.