URC Line Of Sight Antennas

Family Of Multi-Use, Multi-Choice Antennas

The URC Line-of-Sight (LOS) Transceiver antennas and accessories support manpack, fixed site and mobile operations, providing support to our URC-200 and URC-500 transceivers in virtually every application. Our family of URC LOS antennas and Accessories include:

  • Whips
  • Dual-band antennas
  • Tri-band antennas
  • Spring loaded designs

Product Details


  • UVU-100: Manpack antenna for backpack configuration
  • UVU-115: Mobile or base station whip antenna and mount
  • UVU-130: Mobile or base station whip antenna and mount
  • UVU-200: Dual-band base station antenna
  • UVU-300: Tri-band base station antenna
  • UVL-100: Manpack antenna for 30 to 90 MHz backpack configuration
  • UVL-150: Vehicle mounted, 30 to 90 MHz spring-loaded antenna

See brochure for pictures and specifications.