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Radio Communications

Radios Are More Than Tools, They Are Lifelines.

Every day around the globe, General Dynamics' radios ensure planes land safely, isolated personnel are found, soldiers communicate securely and first responders have the communications they need to go where no one else can. Our radios are more than tools, they are lifelines. Building on a strong, 50-year legacy in RF communications and networking development for military, government and commercial customers, General Dynamics’ radio products and systems are trusted globally in air traffic control, Blue Force Tracking, search and rescue, line of sight communications, satellite and wireless, and battlefield communications applications.

Air Traffic Control Radios

General Dynamics’ CM-300/350 Air Traffic Control (ATC) radios are able to keep pace with the demanding volume of air traffic. Knowing that your ATC radios can perform well in a high stress environment helps to make your job a little less stressful.

Combat Search and Rescue Radios

General Dynamics’ Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) radios provide direct, line-of-sight encrypted two way data communications to ensure that isolated military personnel can be located with confidence during search and rescue missions. With over 36,000 radios delivered to 36 countries, our radios provide a powerful, global, cost-effective solution for military, paramilitary, law enforcement and government agencies. 

Fortress Secure Wireless Mesh

General Dynamics’ Fortress® Wireless solutions provide “always on”, reliable end-to-end high speed wireless access to critical information needed by law enforcement, first responders, government agencies, military personnel and energy markets.

Line of Sight Radios

Our URC-200 product line is designed to provide highly dependable service and to withstand the most demanding, harsh treatment and situations in the field.

Maritime Communications

The software-defined Digital Modular Radio (DMR) keeps U.S. Navy surface ships and submarines connected at sea. Our multi-channel DMR provides multiple waveforms and multi-level information security for voice and data communications from the core of the network to the tactical edge.

Networking Radios

Putting the power of the network in the hands of soldiers on the ground for the first time ever, General Dynamics’ Manpack and Rifleman radios extend voice and data communications to the edge of the battlefield.