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From Voyager 1 to the Mars Rovers, our technology provides the critical communications link between earth and spacecraft

General Dynamics has a proud heritage of providing NASA with ground-based and spacecraft-to-spacecraft communications for manned and unmanned space exploration missions, ranging from near-Earth to Deep Space projects. Our technology has powered communications, telemetry, tracking and control for many of the most groundbreaking space programs, including Apollo, Voyager, the Mars Rovers, the Cassini Space Probe, the Space Shuttle, the Hubble Telescope and the International Space Station.

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Communicating with NASA's Cassini Spacecraft

Over 900 million miles away from Earth for more than 13 years, the Cassini Spacecraft continuously transmitted critical scientific data from Saturn and its moons with the use of two General Dynamics Deep Space Transponders which were responsible for communications between Cassini and the Deep Space Network antennas on the ground.

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Space Communications & Electronics

Browse our GPS Receivers, Mission Data Links, and Tracking, Telemetry & Control products.

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Tracking, Telemetry & Control Transponders

We supply the tracking, telemetry and control (TT&C), precision navigation and timing, and crosslink equipment for missions of human space flight, near-Earth observation, lunar and deep space exploration.

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GOES-R Satellite

Spaceborne GPS Receivers

We take pride in our 20+ year legacy of providing high-reliability space-hardened global positioning system (GPS) sensors for commercial and military low-earth orbit (LEO) users.

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Spaceborne Communications & Electronics  - International Space Station

Mission Data Links

Our team has provided the critical communications link between Earth and space since the mid-1950s. In all, General Dynamics has produced more than 400 space transponders, including more than 150 Deep Space, Near Earth, and Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) transponders and transceivers for NASA missions.

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Space Encryption

For more than 40 years General Dynamics Mission Systems has provided reliable high-speed encryption to support numerous successful space missions. Our Type 1-certified encryptors and corresponding ground encryptors are suited for large bandwidth data transmission.

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