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Radios Are More Than Tools, They Are Lifelines.

Every day around the globe, General Dynamics' radios ensure planes land safely, isolated personnel are found, soldiers communicate securely and first responders have the communications they need to go where no one else can. Our radios are more than tools, they are lifelines.

HOOK3 Combat Survival Radio

Now Cospas-Sarsat & GPS SAASM Approved, M-Code Upgradeable

Our new HOOK3 Combat Survival Radio (CSR) is significantly smaller, lighter, and has better power efficiency than previous HOOK2 radios. It includes a new auto-activation feature that automatically transmits location data when G-Force or salt water is detected.

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Radio Communication Products

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Combat Search & Rescue Radios

In a search and rescue operation, time is of the essence, and luck is not a strategy. When a crew member activates one of our radios, they can be confident help is on the way.

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Ground-to-Air Radio Systems

Our Ground-to-Air Radio Systems provide clear, reliable communications for air traffic control centers, commercial airports, and military installations.

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Line Of Sight Radios

Our URC-200 Line of Sight radios are designed to provide highly dependable service and withstand the most demanding, harsh treatment and situations in the field.

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Digital Modular Radio

Our Digital Modular Radio (DMR) provides secure voice and data communications for sailors deployed on 12 different U.S. Navy ship and submarine platforms.

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