Encryptor Management and Discovery

GEM™ - Simple, Remote Encryptor Management

Networks are becoming larger, more diverse, and faster every day. As networks grow so does the number of encryptors needed to secure these networks. Often times these devices are located in different physical locations making the need for remote management critical. GEM™ Encryptor Management software solutions allow users to centrally manage and monitor a network of TACLANE® network encryptors and Sectéra® vIPer™ Secure Phones locally or remotely, from anywhere on the network. This remote management capability not only saves significant time and money, but also decreases the risks associated with having to have personnel physically present to manage and configure the devices in forward deployed locations. Network security is complex, GEM makes encryptor management easy.

GEM™ One Enterprise Encryptor Manager

The next generation of encryptor management is here. GEM™ One, an enterprise-level remote management solution, enables users to easily configure, monitor and maintain a dispersed network of encryptors. The intuitive graphical interface improves visualization and provides an accurate enterprise level view of the network and devices, improving situational awareness, decision cycles, operator efficiency and cost savings.

GEM™ X Universal Remote Encryptor Manager

Our GEM X Encryptor Manager allows users to centrally manage all of their TACLANE® network encryptors locally or remotely, regardless of the location of the devices. GEM X is standards-based, easy-to-use and install, and does not require additional software or licensing making device management and configuration simple. 

Generic Discovery Server (GDS)

The Generic Discovery Server (GDS) is a software application that simplifies the configuration process and increases the efficiency of High Assurance IP Encryptors (HAIPE®). GDS is ideal for new or mobile networks as HAIPE devices can be configured to automatically register with the GDS, and enables the HAIPE INEs to dynamically locate other INEs and route traffic via optimal paths.