Google Anthos for the Tactical Edge

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Cloud-Based Provisioning of Enterprise & Edge Applications and Services

In collaboration with Google Public Sector, General Dynamics Mission Systems has adapted Google’s existing Anthos platform to solve enterprise and tactical edge networking challenges faced by the Department of Defense (DoD). Google Anthos for the Tactical Edge provides users the enterprise and tactical edge applications and services they need to ensure that they can “Fight on Arrival” as well as support unit task reorganization as tactical conditions change.

Anthos Diagram

Key Features

Google Anthos for the Tactical Edge is intended for DoD customers who are operating in disconnected, intermittent and limited (DIL) environments, which are often isolated from public clouds while getting the quality, functionality, and innovation of a Google platform tailored for the Army by leveraging General Dynamics’ tactical network experience.

  • Cloud agnostic, works in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and on-premise environments
  • Provides a cloud-like experience on the battlefield
  • Operates isolated from enterprise cloud platforms (e.g.: AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Flexible support for OSS components
  • Leverages standard message formats
  • Standard cross platform (Cloud + Anthos) declarative APIs
  • Provides integrated, automated patch and update system
  • Compatible with Existing Tactical Hardware
  • Automated Administration of Mission Command Applications
Anthos Chart

Technology Stack

Google Anthos for the Tactical Edge is derived from Anthos, a modern application management platform that provides a unified model for computing, application, and service management across clouds and on-premise compute platforms developed by Google Public Sector and adapted to the tactical environment by General Dynamics Mission Systems.

In developing Google Anthos for the Tactical Edge in collaboration with Google Public Sector, General Dynamics modified the single control plane of Anthos to a distributed control plane to support network operations in a DIL environment.  Additionally, General Dynamics tailored the UX to meet the specific needs of the Soldier and customized the configuration control features to support unique Army operations such as Fight on Arrival and Unit Task Reorganization.

The technology stack is built on a consistent set of APIs based on open-source technologies which empowers  developers and operators with a single methodology that applies to on-prem and hybrid cloud environments.