Small Form Factor Command & Control (SFF C2) Node

“Ready-Now” Solution for Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations C2

As the “ready now” solution for the Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations command and control, the Marine Corps has conducted numerous experiments and user assessments of the Small Form Factor Command and Control (SFF C2) node. The SFF C2 provides the Marine Corp virtualized, platform agnostic, highly deployable C2 nodes that are COTS-based and designed to military standards with battle-tested hardware capabilities. The SFF C2 integrates customer developed software architectures and proven enablers to scale to any mission need.

Compact, multi-domain C2 solution that integrates real-time, near real-time and non-real time data

Virtual environment and virtual machines provide flexibility and agility for growth or upgrades

Low SWaP tactical edge node computing, storage and network infrastructure

Designed to MIL-STD-810G for tactical environment and operation in closed transit case configuration in austere environment

Platform agnostic solution expands deployment options

Our New Small Form Factor Command & Control (SFF C2) Node

The SFF C2 gives Marine operators the ability to integrate information from aerial and ground-based radar systems and sensors, and create a common operating picture of the battlefield.

Based on our successful legacy of the Common Aviation Command & Control System (CAC2S), the SFF C2 has been tested by Marines in the field during exercises like Island Marauder 21 and 7th Fleet SINKEX.


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Full-Spectrum Command & Control

  • Tracker and real time display functions
  • Data link gateway and management
  • Local passive and active sensor interfaces
  • Closely integrates fires and C2
  • Interface to Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC)

Modular Design

  • Compact 9U half-rack composite transit case
  • Shock isolated rack for internal mounted equipment
  • 2-man lift, 129 lbs


  • Integrated direct air cooling
  • Fan speed controller for active thermal management
  • Pre-cabled system with Signal Entry Panel with critical interfaces to external systems

Embedded Simulation and Training

System Interface

Small Form Factor C2 System Interfaces


Small Form Factor Command & Control (SFF C2) Node Datasheet 

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1.3-2.1 GHz Xeon D 16 Core Processor
10x removable 2.5in SSD’s
1x 64GB removable Flash drive
Cisco ESS3300 Switch with PoE capability
Cisco CSR1000v virtual router option
Secure WAN Encryption
Integrated Type 1 TACLANE
24.0”D x 15.7”W x 22.3”H (5 cubic feet)
129 lbs
120 VAC Input
472W (max)
Integrated UPS with minimum 15 min backup
External SEP
– (6) 1GbE Switch Port, MIL RJ-45
– (1) 1GbE TACLANE Cipher Text Port, MIL RJ-45
– (1) 100Mb-FX Fiber Port, MIL TFOCAII
– (1) 10GbE 10G-LR Fiber Port, MIL TFOCAII
– (1) Switch Serial Console Port, MIL RJ-45
– 120/240 VAC Input, MIL
– Single Ground Stud
Internal SEP for expanded capability in TOC environment
– (12) 1GbE Switch Port, RJ-45
– (1) 10GbE Switch Port, RJ-45

Tailorable Options

Tactical Cross Domain Solution

  • Meets NSA’s Phase 1 Raise the Bar Requirements (TS certification planned)

ED3 Assured PNT

  • M-code ready for greater protection from jamming and spoofing

ProtecD@R® KG-204 Multi-Platform Encryptor

  • The only NSA Certified Data at Rest encryptor for unattended operations


  • Driving towards integration using proven enablers