Our HOOK3® Combat Survival Radio (CSR) is designed for downed pilots and military personnel to communicate with search and rescue teams. The HOOK3 Radio provides direct, line-of-sight voice and encrypted two-way data communications and can send global positioning information, user identification and situation reports to rescue aircraft.

If a pilot is forced to eject, the radio transmits encrypted location data in short bursts, reducing the risk of interception or detection. This new feature is automatically activated when the radio detects salt water or excessive G-force. Search and rescue teams are immediately alerted of its location, even if the pilot is unable to operate the radio.

The HOOK3 Radio is significantly smaller, lighter and has better power efficiency than previous Combat Search & Rescue radios and is fully compatible with existing HOOK2® assets (HOOK2 Radios, Quickdraw2®, SATCOM Base Station). The radio is also GPS SAASM approved and is designed to be upgradeable to M-Code when available.

The HOOK3 Radio provides a lifeline for downed personnel and helps search and rescue teams save lives.

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