GEM One is the most widely used encryptor management software to configure, monitor, manage and control dispersed networks of TACLANE, Sectéra® and ProtecD@R® ECUs. Constantly evolving to meet user demands and improve overall experience, the latest GEM One Release provides significant enterprise level feature enhancements and extended device support.

Check out our webinar with GEM One Product Manager, Tom Paltrineri, and Solutions Architect, Mike Corcoran, discussing the newly released R2.0 upgrades including:

  • Server Sync Capabilities for GEM One instance replication which enables hot standby and continuity of operations
  • RESTCONF API (northbound interface) for integration with commercial network management tools
  • Expanded Device Support for new TACLANE-ES10 (KG-185A) and non-General Dynamics HAIPE® encryptors (KG-250X and KG-250XS)