The Small Form Factor Command & Control Node enables Marines to share a consolidated picture of their air and ground forces.

As the battlefield evolves, the Marine Corps needs to be able to share critical command and control data in real-time, engage targets, and quickly move to their next objective.    

SFF C2 Field Image 2Using our new Small Form Factor Command & Control Node, Marine operators are able to integrate information from aerial and ground-based radar systems and sensors, and create a common operating picture of the battlefield – whether in the air, at sea, or on land.

In addition, the new system boasts a significantly smaller size, making it ideal for Marines conducting expeditionary operations.

Its rugged transit case also enables easy deployment in multiple combat platforms, creating a tactical advantage for Marines as they move across the battlefield.

The “Ready Now” Small Form Factor Command & Control Node is based on our successful legacy of the Common Aviation Command & Control System and has been tested by Marines in the field during exercises like Island Marauder 21 and 7th Fleet SINKEX.


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