Fortress eNodeB Base Stations

eNodeB Base Station

Connectivity with Certainty

Fortress® LTE’s 4G Evolved Node B (eNodeB) base stations are software defined radios that house both digital baseband and Radio Frequency (RF) circuits in a compact, rugged, mountable enclosure to eliminate external interfaces and reduce installation errors and setup time. A range of eNodeB form factors are offered for different deployment scenarios and support standard 4G LTE band classes and frequency ranges from 400MHz to 6 GHz.

eNodeB Base Station

What Sets Us Apart

  • Affordable: Highly scalable and cost effective.
  • Ruggedized: Our eNodeB uses a hardened water and dust proof enclosure allowing for outdoor deployment to ensure communications regardless of the environment.
  • Compact Design: The space saving design is pole and wall mountable, which reduces the time and cost associated with zoning and installation.
  • Remote Management: The Element Management System is responsible for the eNodeB's configuration management, remote monitoring and alarm reporting.

Fortress eNodeB Base Station Products

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Lifting the "Fog of War" With Tactical LTE

Today's soldiers operate on challenging terrain and in fast-moving, remote, and dynamic battlefields. Our LTE technology will enable soldiers to take pictures and gather information using their smartphones, then transmit the data back to their commanders, who can track their locations on command and control displays. To learn more about how our LTE solutions can help lift "The Fog of War," request our whitepaper.

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