WHAT: General Dynamics will show how its extensive portfolio helps advance the Marine Corps’ mission to defend the nation at home and abroad. Hands-on, interactive demonstrations highlight the company’s commitment to support Marines doing the hardest jobs in the most difficult environments worldwide.

WHEN: September 27 – 29, 2016 – Exhibition information

WHERE: Lejeune Field, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia


  • Land Systems introduces three new variants of the MUTT vehicle
  • Future Expeditionary Command Post capability integrated on Flyer vehicle to provide integrated C3 hub for forward-deployed Marines
  • CAC2S demonstration to showcase real-time air/ground common operating picture and air/ground common operating picture distributed to a tablet

General Dynamics Land Systems – Booth 2512 – Tent B (Inside)

Multi-Utility Tactical Transport (MUTT): General Dynamics Land Systems will display its next series of robotic MUTTs. The expanding ‘lighten-the-load’ product line includes the 8×8 and 6×6 wheeled versions, as well as the .50 caliber weaponized MUTT. The MUTT has proven to be a rugged, reliable, small-unit force multiplier that provides increased persistence, protection and projection of combat power for land forces.

Light Armored Vehicle (LAV): Land Systems will discuss the latest LAV Obsolescence Program upgrades that include the power pack, transmission, driveline system, driver’s instrument panel and turret slip ring. These enhancements are designed to extend the service life of the LAV into the 2030s.

General Dynamics Mission Systems – Booth 2023 – Tent B (Inside)

Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S):The CAC2S demonstration will feature a real-time fused air picture with aviation tracks from radar sensors. The advanced Multi-Source Correlator Tracker display provides shared situational awareness across the air space.This demonstration will be networked on a tactical LTE network so the air picture from the notional command center can be shared with a tablet, and will feature two firsts for the CAC2S program:

  • Real-time air/ground common operating picture; and
  • Air/ground common operating picture distributed to a tablet from the control agency.

The Fortress Wireless Deployable Broadband Kit: These kits provide an easily transportable, all-in-one solution that enables soldiers to quickly establish or extend an LTE or Wi-Fi network anytime, anywhere in the harshest environments. The kits are customizable to support both Fortress LTE and Fortress Wi-Fi Mesh configurations to provide wireless ‘always-on’ access to vital information including real-time imagery, voice and data. The display will feature a fully configured kit, including mast.

Fourth Generation SATCOM On-The-MoveAntenna Terminals: SATCOM Technologies will demonstrate its new terminal, which delivers private, secure voice, video and data satellite communications when users are remotely located or where there is limited access to a satellite network infrastructure. Ruggedized for the most challenging operational environments, General Dynamics SOTM terminals maintain connectivity with satellite networks using the terminal’s trusted gyro-stabilization and high-pointing accuracy.

Cyber and Electronic Warfare Systems (CEWS): The company will feature a number of cyber products that help ensure the safety of the nation and mission success for Marines, including:

    • Sectra vIPerTM Universal Secure Phone is a secure desktop phone that allows you to easily switch between making end-to-end secure and non-secure calls on Voice over IP (VoIP) and analog networks, eliminating the need for multiple desktop phones. The vIPer is the only VoIP phone certified to protect information classified Top Secret/SCI and below over commercial wired networks.
    • TACLANE-1G (KG-175G) Network Encryptor is ruggedized for both tactical and strategic environments and is NSA certified to protect information classified Top Secret/SCI and below. The TACLANE-1G is the first High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor (HAIPE) with cyber sensing capabilities available today.
    • TACLANE-10G (KG-175X) Network Encryptor is a 10 Gb/s, high-speed enterprise security solution for high-bandwidth applications and is NSA certified to secure information classified Top Secret SCI and below and is capable of accepting additional software to improve network efficiency and sensing capabilities.
    • TACLANE Trusted Sensor Software is the first-of-its-kind, NSA-approved, optional feature for the TACLANE-1G. With Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), TACLANE Trusted Sensor Software allows customers see and analyze all the traffic passing through the network for enhanced situational awareness.

Agile Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), available on the TACLANE-Micro, 1G and 10G, is an optional feature that allows customers to simultaneously send and receive Layer 2 and HAIPE traffic, moving more data through the network in the same amount of time. This unique software feature requires no infrastructure changes and allows users to maintain the benefits of HAIPE security and interoperability.

C4ISR Solutions for Armored Vehicles: A variety of proven, highly ruggedized products for land tactical systems will be featured, including embedded computers, displays, smart power distribution equipment, wired and wireless communications equipment and networking products. Subject matter experts will be on hand to discuss multimedia information distribution, display, recording and storage; intra- and inter-platform networking; smart power supplies; and the next generation of low-latency 360 degree situational awareness displays for drivers.

Booth 214 Outside – General Dynamics Mission Systems

Future Expeditionary Command Post (FxCP): Mission Systems will showcase its Future Expeditionary Command Post (FxCP) which provides a Command, Control and Communication (C3) hub integrated onto a narrow Flyer vehicle that is internally transportable on an MV-22 Osprey aircraft.Once installed, the FxCP provides onboard power and a C3 hub for the command element of an inserted force of Marines. The FxCP could serve as the command center for the Company Landing Team or as a “Jump CP” for a Marine Corps battalion. Coupled with an Aviation Support Element from a Marine Air Control Group, the FxCP could also serve as the centerpiece of forward airfield operations.

Amphibious Tactical Communications Systems (ATCS): The ATCS is a replacement for the Digital Wideband Transmission System (DWTS) and features base stations supported by a virtualized core network, a 30-foot deployable mast, and a 60-inch wide tactical trailer that is internally transportable in a MV-22 Osprey. These radios will provide two separate LTE wireless networks – one for high capacity network traffic and one for smartphones, tablets and command post support. The LTE networks will link to the indoor booth in Tent B (#2023) as well as LTE-enabled vehicles at other outdoor displays and will allow attendees to see the TiGR common operating picture and data sent by the LTE-enabled vehicles.

Booth 219 Outside – General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

The Flyer Family of Lightweight Tactical Vehicles: The Flyer 60 and Flyer 72 bring superior capability and mobility to the warfighters’ ever-changing mission needs. Built for maneuverability, speed and endurance, the Flyer vehicles are capable of extended range across challenging and remote terrain. These multi-role, cost-saving solutions share significant commonality in COTS components, as well as similarities in operation, maintenance and training. The Flyer 60, at just 60″ wide, is capable of being internally transported in the V-22, CH-53, C-130 and C-5 aircraft. Its modular approach provides rapid mission reconfiguration capability for a variety of tactical missions including light assault, search and rescue, command and control and reconnaissance.

40mm Day/Night/Thermal Training Grenades: This system provides a UXO-safe training grenade ballistically matched to 40mm tactical grenades. It provides a signature upon impact visible to the naked eye and through night vision and thermal sights. Additionally, it is fully operable in the 40mm Mk-19, M023 and M320 grenade launchers.