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worldwide technical assistance and support services

General Dynamics Mission Systems provides worldwide technical assistance and support services, technical assistance to address CHS-5 integration problems, equipment installation, CHS-5 software development, software and hardware maintenance, material fielding support, and test support. Currently, General Dynamics will support the CHS-5 worldwide user community through CHS Regional Support Centers (RSCs) located at Fort Cavazos, Fort Liberty, Taunton, MA and Kaiserslautern, Germany.

If you have equipment that needs to be turned in for repair, please complete the RMA request form, or call the CHS Hotline at 1-877-247-7711.  The CHS Hotline is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week with "operator" based support.
CHS Support Request

Be prepared to provide the following information from the CHS label located on the equipment: serial number or OEM number, description of equipment, and description of problem.

The CHS Hotline is your primary warranty contact. If 800 service is not available, please Email Us.

Common Hardware - Soldier using Handheld

Logistics, Warranty & Repair

General Dynamics Mission Systems offers our customers support via hotline. Our responsive customer service representatives are ready to support our CHS-5 customers.

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CHS Regional Support Center (RSC) Locations

General Dynamics' RSCs maintain a large inventory of spare parts and supplies worldwide. Each of the RSC locations identified below repair CHS hardware and performs systems upgrades upon request.

Ft. Liberty, NC

General Dynamics, RSC
Bldg. 8-6812
Butner & Letterman Streets
Ft. Liberty, NC 28310

For U.S. Postal use:
General Dynamics RSC
P.O. Box 71158
Ft. Liberty, NC 28307

Phone: 800-538-0107
Fax: 910-497-1911
DSN Fax: 239-2925

Ft. Cavazos, TX

General Dynamics, RSC
Bldg. 3820 - 1031 Terminal Avenue
Ft. Cavazos, TX 76544

For U.S. Postal use:
General Dynamics, RSC
P.O. Box S
Ft. Cavazos, TX 76544

Phone: 800-538-2927
Fax: 254-532-2933

Taunton, MA

General Dynamics Mission Systems
400 John Quincy Adams Road
Taunton, MA 02780

CHS-5 Taunton, MA

Kaiserslautern, Germany

011-49-(0) 631-89291342
011-49-(0) 631-89291534
011-49-(0) 631-89291531
*0s not reqd. if calling from U.S.


DSN Commercial Equivalent: 0611-143-528-2686, 2687, 2688

Fax: 0631-31046253

Postal Address for US Mail (APO)
UNIT 23195 
APO AE 09227
IMPORTANT: Please do not use individual’s names with this address

Commercial Express Service (DHL, FEDEX, etc.)
Mannheimer STR. 290, GEB 3040
67657 Kaiserslautern, Germany
IMPORTANT: please do not include General Dynamics with this address

Government Shipment (GBL)
Mannheimer STR. 290, GEB 3040
67657 Kaiserslautern, Germany

GPS Address: Mannheimer Str. 348, Geb. 3040, 67657, Kaiserslautern, Germany 

Notification: Replacement Procedure for Classified RHDDs

Pursuant to the requirements of U. S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1-101, and Executive Order 12829, as implemented under the National Industrial Security Program, governing receipt and storage of classified material, General Dynamics Mission Systems is prohibited by law from receiving removable hard disk drives (RHDDs) that contain or were used to process information classified by the Government as SECRET, TOP SECRET, and/or SPECIAL ACCESS. Consequently General Dynamics cannot physically evaluate such RHDDs for potential repair or replacement under the CHS-5 Warranty or otherwise.

However, Army users of RHDDs purchased under the CHS-5 contract may obtain warranty support for "classified" RHDDs through the following procedure:

  1. Submit a RMA request form or call the CHS-5 Warranty Hotline [877-247-7711] to open a Repair Order
  2. Physically remove and destroy the RHDD platters from the RHDD container in accordance with Army policies and procedures
  3. Return the empty RHDD container to a General Dynamics Mission Systems Regional Support Center (RSC) together with a letter certifying that "The accompanying RHDD, purchased under the CHS-5 prime contract, was used to process information classified by the Government as Secret and/or Top Secret. Due to the failure of the RHDD the internal platters were removed and the empty container is being returned for RHDD replacement under warranty

Upon receipt the RHDD General Dynamics will process the Repair Order and replace the RHDD at no cost to the Army within 60-days.

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