Global Broadcast Service Transportable Ground Receive Suite

Delivering Converged Communications to the Tactical Edge

The Global Broadcast Service (GBS) Transportable Ground Receive Suite (TGRS) enables mobile users at the edge of the battlefield to receive mission-critical voice, data and video and process itfor use by military decision makers and frontline troops. Made fully rugged and designed for rapid deployment anywhere in the world, GBS TGRS equipment provides users with high-speed, high-volume multimedia communications and information flow for forces on base in garrison, in transit, and in theater.

The GBS TGRS Advantage

Each TGRS consists of a receive-only, One-Way Antenna (OWA) packaged in two transit cases and the Receive Broadcast Manager (RBM) packaged in two operational transit cases, one intended to serve as an unclassified enclave and one as the classified enclave.

The OWA is a very small aperture antenna compatible with multiple SATCOM systems – both DoD-developed and commercial. It receives broadcast information from Ka-band downlink signals from Ultra High Frequency Follow-On (UFO) or Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellites, or from Ku-band carrier downlinks from compatible commercial SATCOM systems.

The RBM, which may be setup up to 150 feet from the OWA, receives the broadcast stream from the antenna, processes the information locally, and provides information over an Internet Protocol (IP) based network to users. Each transit case includes the networking and end user equipment to allow broadcast data to be shared with local network users and to view broadcast standard or high definition video streams. For classified broadcasts, the data is decrypted by the Type 1 High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor (HAIPE) and processed by equipment within the transit case intended for such data.


  • Capable of processing two fully loaded 45 Msps broadcast carrier downlinks simultaneously
  • Receives and processes unclassified or classified (Type 1) data and video
  • Utilizes COTS Technology to Reduce Cost and Enable Remote Upgrades
  • Modular Design Facilitates Multiple Configuration Options


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